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About Pablo Roesch

Director of Technical Marketing - bringing you VMware Hands-on Labs.

Going to PEX 2011 and are a TAP Member ? vSphere Roadmap Sessions now available for scheduling

Folks, (TAP Members)

Just wanted to let you know that our vSphere Roadmap sessions are availble in the session builder catalog for PEX attendees. These sessions are for TAP members (ISVs.IHVs) looking to integrate with VMware. If you are not sure about your TAP members status please send a note to tapalliance@vmware.com

More about the sessions.

Sessions are presented by our Product Managers and are 90 minute long. In these sessions we will discuss futures and integration opportunities for ESX/i, vCenter and Desktops from an integration perspective.

Please remember this session will only appear on your schedule builder if your company is a member of the VMware Technical Alliance Program (TAP), and yes we will be checking IDs at the door 😉

Session ID:TEX-TAP-200

Abstract: In this session, TAP Program members (ISV/IHVs) will get roadmap updates for VMware's desktop and datacenter products. This session is available only to the members of our TAP Program, and the content is presented under NDA.

Date and Time for Session 1: 2011-02-09 Starts -> 13:15:00

Date and Time for Session 2: 2011-02-11 Starts -> 09:00:00

See you in Sunny Florida



The Technology Exchange Track @ Partner Exchange 2011



I was lucky enough to be the elected Track Owner for the upcoming Partner Exchange and wanted to share some sessions you as a partner might be interested in.

In case you did not know the Technology Exchange track is all about partner integration with the VMware platform. This track is for both Application Developers and vSphere infrastructure developers building solutions.

Take a look at our Session Catolog for complete Technology Exchange listings. This is also a great opportunity to learn the latest roadmap / product directions and meet the engineers and product management teams.

Hope to see you there.

for vSphere Developers…. 

Developers migrating to ESXi….

Session ID/Title: TEX-MGMT-100 A Developer's Guide to Building ESXi Management Solutions

Learn about creating new plugins using the next generation vSphere Client…

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-202 Integrate with vSphere Client and Join the Family

Use PowerCLI and vSphere SDK to create your own custom performance reporting tools – this is a must attend session for anyone managing large environments…..

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-300 Have it your way: using vSphere Performance APIs to create you own Performance Charts

for vSphere PowerCLI Administrators…. 

The PowerCLI Engineering team will present new features of PowerCLI and provide some best practices …….

Session ID/Title: TEX-IV-204 Managing large Scale Environments using PowerCLI

New session on using PowerCLI to manage VMware View…..

Session ID/Title: TEX-EUC-201 Automating VMware View 4.5 with PowerCLI  

for Application Developers / ISVs…. 

Session ID/Title: TEX-CLD-203 Leveraging the vFabric Cloud Application Platform for ISVs

Session ID/Title: TEX-EUC-200 Virtualizing Challenging Desktop Applications with VMware View



Dont forget about our Labs…


We will have labs and staff dedicated to PowerCLI and vSphere Web Services SDK for both Java and c#.
















Looking for vShield API sample code ?


Just wanted to let folks know that we just created a new Sample Code category for the vShield APIs. Our first contribution was by CarlosVSZ from vShield engineering team. The contributed scripts allows the user to automate various vShield installation and configuration tasks leveraging the VMware vShield and VMware vCloud Director API's, for example, one showcases the creation of a secured cloud and establishing a VPN tunnel between a private and a public cloud.

 Take a look at the code,there are some nice READMEs included and let us know what you thinkt. Also if you have some interesting samples you would like to share please do so here ! 

Please note – this is just sample code to help you get going and is community supported only. If you have questions be sure to post them on the vShield Product Community where we have a vibrant community helping each other out.




Become a vSphere Expert Developer with over 6 hours of Free Online Learning Videos


Wanted to share with the community some of our recent sessions from Tech Exchange 2010. These sessions are for software developers, administrators, automation engineers building solutions for the vSphere platform. This material applies to both ISVs building commercial products or customers building management solutions. It is recommended you are familiar with the SDK and of course have some working knowlege of vSphere.

The videos are presented by the actual engineers that wrote the code and have extensive experience working with our customers and partners building solutions.

I know this is a lot of material to go over so I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show. I will be posting the PDFs as soon as they are released from legal.

Please do send us your feedback.

1.  Exploring VMware APIs 8/30/2010


Abstract: Developers have a broad set of options to integrate with VMware platforms to monitor and manage virtualization. This session will provide the overall direction of VMware APIs, describe opportunities for tighter integration with vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1. This is a must-attend session for new product managers or developers to VMware platforms. For those familiar with VMware platforms, the session will provide a refresher course as well as a summary of enhancements to the APIs in the 4.1 release.



2. Best Practices when using vSphere SDKs 8/30/20/10


Abstract: vSphere web services SDK provides the interfaces to programmatically manage VMware environments. This session explains the numerous possibilities for developing virtual infrastructure management solutions using the SDK. It also covers the most common pitfalls developers should avoid, and suggests alternatives to overcome certain limitations. The SDK application designers and developers will benefit greatly from the discussion of various usage scenarios. This session prefers familiarity with the SDK.



3. Performance Monitoring using vSphere APIs 8/30/2010


Abstract: Building on the initial knowledge of vSphere APIs, learn about the features available to developers via vSphere Web Services APIs to collect performance statistics. We will also discuss the best practices in collecting performance data when using these APIs. This presentation is a must-attend for any developer that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in any large environment. While the content is advanced, developers new to the platform will find it useful as well."


4.Guest Operations using VMware VIX APIs and Beyond 8/30/2010


5. All about vSphere Alarms and Events 8/30/2010


Abstract: Extremely popular session on how to Customize vSphere Events and Alarms using the powerful vSphere APIs.


6. Demystifying Property Collector 8/30/2010


Abstract: With the release of vSphere 4.1, it is important for developers to understand how some of the objects have changed in the new APIs. This session will explain the usage of PropertyCollector with various use case scenarios. These use cases cover retrieving and monitoring properties of managed objects. This session assumes that the audience is familiar with using the SDK.
Level Advanced Topic


Some links resources to help you with your Development Projects

– Dedicated Developer Support from VMware

Forums for vSphere SDK / APIs Developer Topics

– vSphere Web Services SDK Documentation

Free Online Learning – Exploring VMware APIs 60 minute webinar


Latest 60 minute webinar that covers the APIs, SDKs made available for our customers, partners to integrate with the VMware platform.This recording is ideal for any Product Managers, Architects, Developers looking to integrate with the VMware Platform

Developers have a broad set of options to integrate with VMware platforms to monitor and manage virtualization. This session will provide the overall direction of VMware APIs, describe opportunities for tighter integration with vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1. This is a must-attend session for new product managers or developers to VMware platforms. For those familiar with VMware platforms, the session will provide a refresher course as well as a summary of enhancements to the APIs in the 4.1 release.


SDK Support is available for your organization Learn more http://vmware.com/go/sdksupport

Thank you Copenhagen for a great VMworld Tech Exchange – iPad Winner Albert Austin


Just wanted to thank everyone for attending our Tech Exchange event in Copenhagen. Please remember to complete your Session Surveys. We will also be emailing you more details on how to get your Licenses as well as the recorded presentations.

We also wanted to also congratulate our iPad Winner Albert Austin – Enjoy your iPad !


Meet Justin Murray – expert in deploying Java applications in a Virtualized environment

Justin provides some really quick tips for developers looking at Deploying Virtualized Java Applications. Justin is working on updating his paper to reflect updates in vSphere 4.1

Link to Justin Murray's white paper



Announcing vCloud SDK for .Net Beta Release


We are extremely happy to announce the vCloud SDK for .Net Beta Release and invite all developers to download it, try it out and give us your feedback.

Visit our vCloud SDK for .Net Beta Community, get the latest download, documentation and participate in our Forums and help us shape our final release.


. Dotnet


The 5 reasons why attend VMworld Tech Exchange Copenhagen


Just wanted to call out why our developers in Europe might consider attending our Tech Exchange event. Please note this is the very first time we present these sessions across the pond and we are very excited about meeting our developers. So hurry and register today.

Reason #1. If you are just getting started on your automation / integration project you need to learn about all of the VMware APIs and how they apply to your project. Session we recomend is PPC-01 Title: Exploring VMware APIs

Reason #2. If you have been using our APIs and want to learn about using tried and true best practices when using our APIs. We recommend you attend session ID: PPC-02 Title: Best Practices using Web Services SDK. Learn from our experts.

Reason #3. If you have a large vSphere environment and you would like to learn about how to use the APIs to collect performance monitoring information beyond what you thought was possible. This is one of our most popular topics delivered by VMware Performance Engineering and SDK API Engineering teams. Session ID: PPC-04

Reason #4 Application Developers can learn about Developing to the SpringCloud Cloud and how the SpringSource Cloud can help reduce development time and increase effeciency. Application developers will also learn about new opportunities created when customizing Zimbra applications.

Reason #5. Learn about the VMware Product Roadmaps – These sessions provide an in depth view from an integration perspective. Please note this is for Technology Alliance Partners Only Please (TAP)

Who is going to win our iPad @ VMworld Tech Exchange


Its been really hard holding on to our very last iPad as I am tempted everyday to open it up and start playing with it but I cannot do that because the iPad belongs to you. So hurry up and register for our 1 day event in Copenhagen and learn about our APIs and best practices and meet the engineers who wrote the code.