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VMware Cloud Certification Services – A journey to SaaS transformation


NOTE: This article has moved to the new VMware {code} blog. Please visit https://blogs.vmware.com/code/2017/11/18/vmware-cloud-certification-services-journey-saas-transformation/ to read the article.

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About Abid Saeed

Abid Saeed has over 15 years of experience in Storage, Virtualization, Cloud Computing, and Business Critical Applications. He is currently working for VMware as a Staff Engineer / Architect and works with various industry data storage, critical applications and server partners, such as DELL-EMC, Lenovo, HPE, Seagate, Western Digital/SanDisk, Network Appliance, Broadcom/Avago, IBM, Thales and many more.. Before VMware, he held senior engineering positions at Brocade and Adaptec, workings with storage industry partners on ground breaking technologies of its time.