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Introducing Sample Exchange and API Explorer

VMware is very pleased to announce a two new features for developers that make it easier than ever to get started with VMware APIs. First, we have the new Sample Exchange, an integrated service that enables developers to find, contribute, and request code samples for any VMware API. We’re also releasing a Beta of the new VMware API Explorer, an interactive tool that provides holistic access to API reference documentation across the VMware technology stack.

Sample Exchange: Community-Powered Code Samples and Scripts

Developers spend as much as 20 percent of their time searching the web for code samples, but until now, finding VMware API code samples has not been easy. Now, with the new VMware Sample Exchange, it’s faster and easier than ever to find the code samples and scripts you need. Whether you are a PowerCLI user or an open-source cloud-native app developer, you’ll find hundreds of samples for real-world use cases and scenarios, with more being added daily.

Best of all, Sample Exchange is powered with content from community members like you. You can request new samples to get help from other member of the community, and earn VMware Community points by adding your own code samples!


API Explorer Beta: A Unified Interface for All VMware APIs

Reference documentation is essential to the overall usability of any API because it provides structured, granular information about how the API works. VMware publishes API reference docs for a wide variety of products and platforms, but traditionally there has been no easy way to find or browse for API documentation across the VMware technology stack,

The new API Explorer, now in Beta, closes this gap by providing a unified interface for all API documentation across the VMware stack, whether it is a formatted as a traditional Javadoc or a new standard like Swagger or RAML. This approach makes it far simpler to learn how our APIs work and develop fully integrated hybrid cloud solutions for your business and customers.


Take a Test Drive at VMworld

Visit us during VMworld at the Ecosystem Services booth to take these new features out for a spin, or drop by the all-new VMware {code} booth to learn more and check out our hackathon! You can also learn more about these new features in our YouTube walkthrough of Sample Exchange and API Explorer.