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All-Flash Virtual SAN for VDI with Brocade vTM

We are pleased to announce we’ve published an update to the All-Flash Virtual SAN for VDI reference architecture to highlight optimization of this solution with Brocade Virtual Traffic Manager (vTM), an application delivery controller designed for any virtual or cloud environment.


Image courtesy of Brocade

Cost-Effective Performance and High Availability

In this reference architecture, we demonstrate how to design an ultra-fast, cost-effective VDI infrastructure using VMware Virtual SAN combined with the fast storage IO performance offered by SSDs. Based on Horizon View and Virtual SAN with an all-flash architecture (Virtual SAN 6.0 supports the use of flash-based devices for both caching and persistent storage), this reference architecture uses a write-intensive, high-endurance caching tier for the writes, and a read-intensive, cost-effective flash device tier for persistent data storage.

The combination of Virtual SAN and flash-based storage deliver a high-performance, highly resilient scale-out storage platform at a compelling price point. Solutions based on this architecture can help organizations build a virtual desktop infrastructure with non-stop access to desktops, streamlined application updates, stronger data security, and a high-fidelity user experience.

To get the updated reference architecture, visit: