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Workbench 3.0.3 Now Available

We are pleased to announce the release of VMware Workbench 3.0.3 in the Tools section of Developer Center. This release includes both Workbench VM and Workbench Toolsuite. The new release is immediately available to members of a qualifying developer program.


Note that you must sign in to your Developer Center account for access.

What’s New in Workbench 3.0.3?

Note: Workbench 3.0.3 supports certifications for vSphere 5.x. For vSphere 6.0 and newer, please use Workbench 3.5.3.

The Workbench dashboard has been given a complete makeover with a modern look and feel
All information and utilities required for the end-to-end certification workflow are now available from Workbench including:

  • VMware’s new On-Demand Questionnaire Certifications
  • VMware’s Compatibility and Equivalency tools (SCET, CAT)
  • Certification IDs can now be easily assigned from inside Workbench
  • For the Workbench Virtual Appliance, an optional patch is available to fix the SKIP-TLS security issue in the Java runtime.

For detailed information, please refer to the Workbench 3.0.3 Release Notes.