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Monthly Archives: June 2015

The Power of Partnership: All-Flash Virtual SAN for VDI

VMware Virtual SAN™ is a software-defined storage platform that aggregates locally attached disks of hosts to create distributed shared storage solution, and the new Virtual SAN 6.0 gives you the power to design and deploy solutions with 100 percent flash-based storage. To demonstrate the technology and integration points, VMware and our ecosystem partners—Avago, Brocade, Dell, and SanDisk—recently created a reference architecture for implementing Virtual SAN in a VDI environment with all SSDs instead of traditional hybrid configuration.


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API Tutorial – Downloading Files from a Content Library Item

This blog post is a part of the blog series published by the Content Library team. Please find all the blog posts by the team at this link.

In Uploading an OVF Template to a Content Library tutorial, we went through the UpdateSession API to upload files to a library item with an example for uploading an OVF template. In this tutorial, we explain the concept of DownloadSession API and show how to use it to download files from a library item.

At the end of this tutorial you should be able to:

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