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Content Library – Blog Series!


VMware vSphere® Content Library empowers vSphere Admins to effectively manage VM templates, vApps, ISO images and scripts with ease.  It is a new addition in the vSphere 6.0 release.

This blog series authored by the Content Library Team is aimed at explaining concepts and APIs exposed by the Content Library feature.

What is a Content Library?

A content library is a repository for virtual machine (VM), vApp templates and other files such as ISO images, scripts etc. A template is a copy of a VM and can include a guest operating system, applications and data. You can also store a vApp in a content library to use for deployment purposes. A vApp can contain one or more virtual machines. Content libraries are entities that can be administered from a single vCenter Server instance, but can be shared across multiple vCenter Servers.

You can create three types of libraries:

  • Local content library, which contains files that are available to a vCenter Server instance the library was created in.
  • Published content library, which contains files you make available in a vCenter Server and to other vCenter server instances
  • Subscribed content library, which displays the files of a published content library, and you can use them in a particular vCenter Server instance.



Now that you have a short primer on what a content library is all about, you can start using our APIs to create libraries, upload, download and deploy content. Our first blog will help you bootstrap your environment to get you started with the Content Library APIs. We will then walk you through creating a library, adding and deleting items from a library. Following posts in this series will introduce you to uploading content, downloading content, deploying OVFs and capturing VMs into a content library.

Stay tuned!

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  3. Sean

    Hi there,

    Thank you so much for the effort in putting this blog series together. I would love to see some of these targeted at C# developers though. Any chance you guys could make that happen? I was just actually thinking about the Content Library API the other day, and something covering consuming the API with C# would be great!


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