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New Virtual SAN SSD Certifications

As noted by Joe Cook on the vSphere blog, the Virtual SAN (vSAN) Compatibility Guide has been updated with several new components, including 12 new solid-state drives (SSDs).

New SSDs

Here is a list of the SSDs from HGST and NEC that are now listed in the vSAN Compatibility Guide:

  • HGST HUSML4040ASS600
  • HGST HUSML4020ASS600
  • HGST HUSML4040ASS601
  • HGST HUSML4020ASS601
  • HGST HUSSL4040BSS600
  • HGST HUSSL4020BSS600
  • HGST HUSSL4010BSS600
  • HGST HUSSL4040BSS601
  • HGST HUSSL4020BSS601
  • HGST HUSSL4010BSS601
  • NEC S3700 400GB SATA 2.5 MLC RPQ
  • NEC N8150-712

SSD Updates

In addition to the new SSDs listings, we have also updated a few existing SSD certifications, including updated Diskful Writes per Day (DWPD) for Samsung and Cisco drives, and new firmware (B210.06.04) certification for EMC PCI-E SSDs:

  • Samsung SM1625 800GB SAS SSD1
  • Cisco UCS-SD800G0KS2-EP
  • EMC XtremSF1400 PCIEHHM-1400M
  • EMC XtremSF700 PCIEHHM-700M

HDD Firmware Information Updates

Last but not least, there are now updated HDD firmware information updates for the Fujitsu HD SAS 6G 1.2TB 10K HOT PL 2.5” EP, and the Hitachi 6Gbps, 900GB, 10000r/min, 2.5in HDD.

Want to Certify Your SSDs?

VMware Developer Center is your on-ramp to vSAN SSD certification and listing in the VMware Compatibility Guide, trusted by our customers as the authoritative listing of VMware-compatible hardware devices. Visit https://developercenter.vmware.com/programs-services for a listing of the partner certification programs we offer and guidance on how to join a program.