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New Extensibility Features for Cloud Automation

With the recent update to VMware vRealize Automation (formerly vCAC) come a host of new extensibility features, including the release of the REST API and Java SDK, along with the introduction of the vRealize Cloud Client command-line tool.

vCAC SDK: Now Out of Beta

The vCloud Automation Center SDK provides a RESTful interface for integrating external applications such as self-service portals or continuous integration tools.  Developers will soon be able to download a Java SDK with full coverage of the REST API and native Java bindings. For now, you can access the Programming Guide for information about working with the REST API and SDK, as well as documentation for common tasks such as:

  • Browsing the catalog and request a machine
  • Viewing  your provisioned resources
  • Performing Day-2 operations

Last but not least, there’s an API Reference that provides detailed information about the supported methods.

Learn More About the SDK

vRealize Cloud Client Command-line Utility

vRealize CloudClient is a command-line utility that provides verb-based access with a unified interface across vCloud Automation Center APIs. It offers a standardized command-line interface that remains stable even as underlying APIs evolve, and a plug-in model to enable extensibility for additional use cases.  Sample scripts are included to demonstrate common scenarios and tasks.

Learn More About vRealize Cloud Client

Developers: New to Cloud Automation? Start Here!

If you are a developer who is not yet familiar with VMware Cloud Automation solutions, visit VMware Developer Center to get started with Cloud Automation and discover the extensibility opportunities in VMware’s Cloud Management platform.

Get Started With Cloud Automation Extensibility

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