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Developer Center at VMworld Europe 2014

The last week at Barcelona was not only fun but eventful with great emphasis on knowledge sharing at the Knowledge Zone in the Partner Lounge at VMworld. The zone was buzzing with activity from partners who got conversant with VMware Developer Center  and Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) Programs.

The booth exchanged interesting conversations with the crowds gathered at the Knowledge Zone and offered multiple topics of discussion varying from development, APIs, certifications, programs, partner alliance to getting listed on the VCG. It proved to be very helpful for partners to learn that most of the information needed to develop their solutions was public and did not cost a dime.

IMG_20141016_150114      IMG_20141015_111357

The booth offered a raffle yet again like in its VMworld US counterpart. The response was massive with many partners signing up to do the honors. Pictures were taken with the sign board to showcase their encouragement for the VMware Developer Center.


Each day at the end of day, happy faces took home their prized possession- the quadcopter!

To have access to our instant and constant communication of what we are doing next, follow us on Twitter @vmwaredevcenter. We extend our thanks to each participant who showcased their appreciation through their post on social media. Don’t forget to check us out at VMware Developer Center, your one-stop shop for all the development needs.

New Extensibility Features for Cloud Automation

With the recent update to VMware vRealize Automation (formerly vCAC) come a host of new extensibility features, including the release of the REST API and Java SDK, along with the introduction of the vRealize Cloud Client command-line tool.

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Visit Developer Center at VMworld Europe 2014

VMware Developer Center is on site at VMworld Europe 2014! Visit us in the Partner Lounge to chat with subject-matter experts from Ecosystem and Solutions Engineering (EASE) group, or attend one of the many partner and developer focused sessions at this year’s event highlighting our new Federation solutions, NSX, and other innovations.


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Federation Software-Defined Data Center Demo at EMC Forum NYC

This Wednesday, Oct 8th, myself and several others from World Wide Technology will be at EMC Forum New York City to learn about the latest innovations from EMC and their sponsors. While there, I’ll be standing in a booth to provide everyone live demonstrations of a software-defined data center solution from WWT’s Advanced Technology Center, so please stop by and check it out. You’ll get a chance to see firsthand how EMC, VMware, RSA and Pivotal work together to provide solutions such as IaaS, PaaS, DaaS, STaaS, BaaS, RaaS, ITaaS and more.

To register for EMC Forum NYC, click the link below!


Integrating VMware Horizon 6.0 and VMware vCAC 6.0.1

One of the challenges every customer faces when deploying VMware vCloud Automation Center (vCAC) is trying to figure out what services you want to offer, and to whom you want them offered. VMware and other third-party vendors have been creating different plug-ins and workflows to help customers along their journey to ITaaS, and these workflows can be found on the VMware Solution Exchange website. One of the latest plug-ins available is the Horizon 6.0 plug-in for vCenter Orchestrator (vCO) that allows administrators to run automated workflows with the VMware vSphere Web Client and VMware vCAC 6.0.1/6.1.

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