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Developer Center Rocked at VMworld 2014

The rocking week in the Partner Lounge at VMworld 2014 was filled with great talk and activity. VMware Developer Center has seen lots of excitement and enthusiasm around it as it got more and more people interested. Programs and solutions have gained momentum from partners who got to delve further into the details of each.


At the pod, the Twitter raffle had seen increased number of participants each day and happy faces winning the quadcopters!

Winner Day1 Winner Day2 Winner Day3

To see all the contestants who posted their tweets, go to #vmwdev. You can also view all of our pictures from VMworld 2014 on Pinterest. We extend our thanks to each participant who showcased their appreciation through their post on social media.

We now have over 300 followers on Twitter! to join the latest excitement, follow us @vmwaredevcenter. Don’t forget to check us out at VMware Developer Center, your one-stop shop for all the development needs.