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Reference Architecture: On-Demand Infrastructure with Secure Networks

As first noted on the vSphere blog, VMware has published a new reference architecture, On-Demand Infrastructure with Secure Networks, that showcases the integrations between VMware vCloud® Suite Enterprise, VMware NSX for vSphere®, and VMware vCenter Log Insight to create an on-demand infrastructure with a secure networking environment.


What Is an On-Demand Infrastructure?

An on-demand infrastructure with secure networks is a solution that enables rapid provisioning of compute workloads along with any required networking services. The design delivers a comprehensive solution that enables customers to provision the infrastructure they require from a self-service portal and to manage its entire lifecycle.

The Need for Automation

As companies begin to investigate a software-defined data center (SDDC), the inefficiencies of traditional architectures become readily apparent. The SDDC requires IT architects to take a step back and look at the infrastructure in a new way. Automation plays a key role in this new era of the data center. Gone are the days when users submitted a ticket and waited for their machine to be manually provisioned. More and more, users expect to have a predefined list of services available to them and to have these services created instantly upon request. IT is still required to control and secure these machines.

Get Real-World Examples Based on Successful Deployments

This reference architecture addresses these needs by providing users with the on-demand access they want while ensuring that IT keeps the control and security it requires. It is based on real-world scenarios, user workloads, and infrastructure system configurations. It uses industry-standard servers, IP-based storage, and 10-Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) networking to support a scalable and redundant architecture based on vCloud Suite Enterprise version 5.5.

If you are an enterprise architect, solution architect, services specialists, or customer who is responsible for infrastructure services, you can use this reference architecture as an example of a successful deployment of an on-demand infrastructure with secure networking compliant with existing policies.

Download it here and please give us feedback in the VMware Communities!