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New Technical Paper: vCenter Operations Management Packs

VMware vCenter Operations Management Packs extend the capabilities of vCenter Operations Management Suite to third- party products and technologies to enable end-to-end operations intelligence with data visualizations, dashboards, reports, alerts, and actions. And now VMware has published a management pack technical white paper will give you insight into the types of management packs you can create and how to deliver them, along with examples of great management packs from other VMware partners.

Developing Your Own vCenter Operations Management Packs

Want to develop your own management packs? VMware Developer Center is the place to start.

The vCenter Operations Manager Developer Program enables our partners to develop vCenter Operations solutions using vCenter Operations Manager APIs and SDK. By joining the program, you’ll get the support and insight you need to develop and certify a high-quality management pack that can be promoted and distributed on the VMware Cloud Management Marketplace.