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Going to PEX 2011 and are a TAP Member ? vSphere Roadmap Sessions now available for scheduling

Folks, (TAP Members)

Just wanted to let you know that our vSphere Roadmap sessions are availble in the session builder catalog for PEX attendees. These sessions are for TAP members (ISVs.IHVs) looking to integrate with VMware. If you are not sure about your TAP members status please send a note to tapalliance@vmware.com

More about the sessions.

Sessions are presented by our Product Managers and are 90 minute long. In these sessions we will discuss futures and integration opportunities for ESX/i, vCenter and Desktops from an integration perspective.

Please remember this session will only appear on your schedule builder if your company is a member of the VMware Technical Alliance Program (TAP), and yes we will be checking IDs at the door 😉

Session ID:TEX-TAP-200

Abstract: In this session, TAP Program members (ISV/IHVs) will get roadmap updates for VMware's desktop and datacenter products. This session is available only to the members of our TAP Program, and the content is presented under NDA.

Date and Time for Session 1: 2011-02-09 Starts -> 13:15:00

Date and Time for Session 2: 2011-02-11 Starts -> 09:00:00

See you in Sunny Florida