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Become a vSphere Expert Developer with over 6 hours of Free Online Learning Videos


Wanted to share with the community some of our recent sessions from Tech Exchange 2010. These sessions are for software developers, administrators, automation engineers building solutions for the vSphere platform. This material applies to both ISVs building commercial products or customers building management solutions. It is recommended you are familiar with the SDK and of course have some working knowlege of vSphere.

The videos are presented by the actual engineers that wrote the code and have extensive experience working with our customers and partners building solutions.

I know this is a lot of material to go over so I suggest you sit back and enjoy the show. I will be posting the PDFs as soon as they are released from legal.

Please do send us your feedback.

1.  Exploring VMware APIs 8/30/2010


Abstract: Developers have a broad set of options to integrate with VMware platforms to monitor and manage virtualization. This session will provide the overall direction of VMware APIs, describe opportunities for tighter integration with vSphere 4.1 and vCenter 4.1. This is a must-attend session for new product managers or developers to VMware platforms. For those familiar with VMware platforms, the session will provide a refresher course as well as a summary of enhancements to the APIs in the 4.1 release.



2. Best Practices when using vSphere SDKs 8/30/20/10


Abstract: vSphere web services SDK provides the interfaces to programmatically manage VMware environments. This session explains the numerous possibilities for developing virtual infrastructure management solutions using the SDK. It also covers the most common pitfalls developers should avoid, and suggests alternatives to overcome certain limitations. The SDK application designers and developers will benefit greatly from the discussion of various usage scenarios. This session prefers familiarity with the SDK.



3. Performance Monitoring using vSphere APIs 8/30/2010


Abstract: Building on the initial knowledge of vSphere APIs, learn about the features available to developers via vSphere Web Services APIs to collect performance statistics. We will also discuss the best practices in collecting performance data when using these APIs. This presentation is a must-attend for any developer that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in any large environment. While the content is advanced, developers new to the platform will find it useful as well."


4.Guest Operations using VMware VIX APIs and Beyond 8/30/2010


5. All about vSphere Alarms and Events 8/30/2010


Abstract: Extremely popular session on how to Customize vSphere Events and Alarms using the powerful vSphere APIs.


6. Demystifying Property Collector 8/30/2010


Abstract: With the release of vSphere 4.1, it is important for developers to understand how some of the objects have changed in the new APIs. This session will explain the usage of PropertyCollector with various use case scenarios. These use cases cover retrieving and monitoring properties of managed objects. This session assumes that the audience is familiar with using the SDK.
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