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The 5 reasons why attend VMworld Tech Exchange Copenhagen


Just wanted to call out why our developers in Europe might consider attending our Tech Exchange event. Please note this is the very first time we present these sessions across the pond and we are very excited about meeting our developers. So hurry and register today.

Reason #1. If you are just getting started on your automation / integration project you need to learn about all of the VMware APIs and how they apply to your project. Session we recomend is PPC-01 Title: Exploring VMware APIs

Reason #2. If you have been using our APIs and want to learn about using tried and true best practices when using our APIs. We recommend you attend session ID: PPC-02 Title: Best Practices using Web Services SDK. Learn from our experts.

Reason #3. If you have a large vSphere environment and you would like to learn about how to use the APIs to collect performance monitoring information beyond what you thought was possible. This is one of our most popular topics delivered by VMware Performance Engineering and SDK API Engineering teams. Session ID: PPC-04

Reason #4 Application Developers can learn about Developing to the SpringCloud Cloud and how the SpringSource Cloud can help reduce development time and increase effeciency. Application developers will also learn about new opportunities created when customizing Zimbra applications.

Reason #5. Learn about the VMware Product Roadmaps – These sessions provide an in depth view from an integration perspective. Please note this is for Technology Alliance Partners Only Please (TAP)