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vCloud APIs are for Developers ! VMworld Tech Exchange


Calling out some important vCloud API Sessions, Labs and resources you might might be interested in knowing about for next week. As you can tell from our post we are very excited about all things vCloud APIs and our event will be a great opportunity to meet our engineers and learn about what is new with the vCloud APIs.

In case you have not had a chance, register today.

Here are some must attend sessions if you are a developer and ready to blast off.

Session Title: Introduction to vCloud API
Session ID: PC8422
Presenter: Vassil Popovski, Mr., VMware, Inc.
Presenter: Prasad Pimplaskar, Sr. MTS, VMware, Inc.
We envision the vCloud REST API to become a key technology for managing, provisioning and automation in the vCloud infrastructure. The API is a major part of the vCloud offering and there will be a significant interest from both Service providers, Enterprises and ISV to implement custom solutions on top of the API or to consume/manage cloud services from the vCloud ecosystem.

In this presentation we will describe the design and the architecture of the vCloud API, will present the key concepts and idioms of the API, and will deep dive into the user (which is focused on provisioning) and the admin API (which is focused on automating and managing the cloud infrastructure). In addition few major usage scenarios of the vCloud API will be explored

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to Improve Efficiency when Building Your Clouds
Session ID: PPC-14
Abstract:  vCloud APIs provide platform independent means to interfacing with vCloud. vCloud SDK brings these REST based APIs into developer's own environment be it based on Java. PHP or C#. These SDK allows developers to get started quickly with vCloud APIs by providing easy to use client side representations of vCloud resources in their familiar programming languages. They help hide the details of REST, HTTP and the XML based requests and responses. In This session we will introduce you to the Java and PHP SDK and provide the details about how the SDK makes programming to vCloud API easy using various samples.
Speaker: Prasad Pimplaskar
Level: Advanced

vCloud API Lab
Lab ID: Lab 16
Abstract: The VMware vCloud™ API is the key to VMware’s story around federation and ecosystem with the cloud. In this lab we will introduce you to the API and what it can do. You will use real world scenarios to explore the API and figure out when and how to consume the API with several different programming languages. If you are building a cloud then eventually you will need to know about the VMware vCloud™ API and this lab will get you ready for that. No prior programming experience is required although you will definitely benefit from general programming concept knowledge (methods, functions, etc).
Lab Captain: Mike Dipetrillo, and Mike Haines

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