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VMworld Tech Exchange – vCloud APIs – get deep in the details with Prasad P.


Another great session for you to add to your agenda for Tech Exchange. Come meet Prasad learn about what he has been working on. 

Register Now hope to see you there http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/techexchange

 Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to Improve Efficiency when Building Your Clouds

ID: PPC-14
Level: Beginner
APIs provide platform independent means to interfacing with vCloud.
vCloud SDK brings these REST based APIs into developer's own environment
be it based on Java. PHP or C#. These SDK allows developers to get
started quickly with vCloud APIs by providing easy to use client side
representations of vCloud resources in their familiar programming
languages. They help hide the details of REST, HTTP and the XML based
requests and responses. In This session we will introduce you to the
Java and PHP SDK and provide the details about how the SDK makes
programming to vCloud API easy using various samp

Speaker: Prasad Pimplaskar

(About the video: We used a pretty fancy video camera that tracked
Prasad's eyes, it looks like we were on a boat so excuse the movement)