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Welcome ThinApp SDK Developers – Community Open – VMworld Tech Exchange


Very excited about our latest addition to the VMware Developer Community and congratulations to the ThinApp gang for rolling out a shiny their first shiny public SDK. We encourage developers to visit the community, download the SDK, give us feedback, ask questions, and contribute to our community.

Official URL for the ThinApp SDK Community is http://vmware.com/go/thinappsdk

And if you would like to meet the engineering team in person attend our upcoming Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld SF. Greg G. will be presenting do not miss out. Hurry register today event starts Monday August 30th.

Introduction to the ThinApp SDK

ID: PPC-16
Level: Beginner
session focuses on VMware's clientless, serverless application
virtualization solution, ThinApp. The ThinApp SDK is currently being
used by partners to integrate support for ThinApp into their Enterprise
Management solutions. It can also be used by enterprise administrators
to obtain information about ThinApp packages and customize runtime
behavior. This session will present an overview of the SDK and go into
details on how to use it to manage virtualized applications within your
environment. We will also show sample codes to illustrate these points.
Speaker: Greg Geldorp