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Come visit us at the PowerCLI / API Demo Booth – VMworld Tech Exchange


We managed to get most of our SDK and PM teams to hang out and meet you guys at our booth during VMworld. Please note peoples schedules subject to change due to the nature of the event.

Latest updates @VMdeveloperday

Demo Location: Moscone Solutions Floor: vPod C112

Demo Description Overview: The demo will target System Administrators and Developers interested in using the vSphere APIs to manage the vSphere Platform.


Monday August 30, 2010

AM Shift




PM Shift

4:00 – 7:00

Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDK Product Marketing

Sia Yiu

Sr. Product Manager PowerCLI

Sidharth Surana

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering

Steve Jin

Sr. MTS Ecosystem Engineering

Tuesday August 31, 2010

AM Shift


11:00 – 2:30

Yavor Boychev

VMware Engineering Mng.

Sidharth Surana

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering

PM Shift

2:30 – 6:00

Dildip Kaur

SDK Dev Support Engineering

Angela Soni

SDK Dev Support Engineering

Wednesday September 1, 2010

AM Shift

10:00 – 2:00

Vladmir Goranov

VMware Engineering Manager – PowerCLI

Yavor Boychev

VMware Engineering Manager – PowerCLI

Sidharth Surana

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering

PM Shift

2:00 – 6:00

Dildip Kaur

SDK Dev Support Engineering

Angela Soni

SDK Dev Support Engineering

Rajesh Kamal

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering

Thursday September 2, 2010

AM Shift Only

10:00 – 2:00

Sidharth Surana

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering

Rajesh Kamal

SDK MTS Ecosystem Engineering


Your shirts are waiting for you – VMworld Tech Exchange


Just wanted to give you a peek at what we have in store for you and I was lucky enough to have Alex M. model the shirt for us.

If you do not know Alex she is the super power behind the VMTN Communities. When she is not busy making sure our Communities are running smooth you can find her on the race track ! Yes that is how she rolls. So hurry up, register for Technology Exchange and get your shirt. 



The Lucky iPad Raffle Winner – VMworld Tech Exchange


Just a note about our iPad raffle in case you did not catch it when you visited our website. We plan on raffling off a very cool iPad (1 per day, 1 per person) during Tech Exchange event.

This is great but you might ask what makes this iPad unique ? The iPad will be pre-loaded with select sessions from the Tech Exchange event. This means you will be the first person on earth to get access to the events sessions – making you the most popular person on your flight home.

What you need do to in order to win.

1. Register for Technology Exchange

2. Complete the Session Surveys

3. End of each day we will be announcing winners. Winners must be present to win.

So how do I know if I won ?

We will call you on your mobile phone, we will announce it on our blogs and twitter accounts. So please book market them and follow us.  VMware Developer Blog, @VMDeveloperday


Please note this raffle is not for anyone who has an email address that ends with "vmware.com" 😉

All about VMforce – Come join us VMworld Tech Exchange

Interested in building a Cloud Application ? Come learn about VMforce Architecture. Ramnivas will be discussing the VMforce Architecture and he will have plenty of Demos for us to experience. 

Hurry and register today. 

Inside VMforce: an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud

ID: ADD-03
Level: Beginner
the announcement of VMforce, VMware and Salesforce are building an
enterprise Java Cloud that combines the Spring programming model with
VMware flexibility and Force.com reliability and data integrity. This
session will discuss the architecture of this new Platform-as-a-Service
solution and provide a technical overview of how to run Spring
applications that integrate with Force.com services. VMforce will be
available for developer preview in Q4 2010, so VMware developers can
attend this session for a special early preview of this exciting new
cloud platform.
Speaker: Ramnivas Laddad


vCloud APIs are for Developers ! VMworld Tech Exchange


Calling out some important vCloud API Sessions, Labs and resources you might might be interested in knowing about for next week. As you can tell from our post we are very excited about all things vCloud APIs and our event will be a great opportunity to meet our engineers and learn about what is new with the vCloud APIs.

In case you have not had a chance, register today.

Here are some must attend sessions if you are a developer and ready to blast off.

Session Title: Introduction to vCloud API
Session ID: PC8422
Presenter: Vassil Popovski, Mr., VMware, Inc.
Presenter: Prasad Pimplaskar, Sr. MTS, VMware, Inc.
We envision the vCloud REST API to become a key technology for managing, provisioning and automation in the vCloud infrastructure. The API is a major part of the vCloud offering and there will be a significant interest from both Service providers, Enterprises and ISV to implement custom solutions on top of the API or to consume/manage cloud services from the vCloud ecosystem.

In this presentation we will describe the design and the architecture of the vCloud API, will present the key concepts and idioms of the API, and will deep dive into the user (which is focused on provisioning) and the admin API (which is focused on automating and managing the cloud infrastructure). In addition few major usage scenarios of the vCloud API will be explored

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to Improve Efficiency when Building Your Clouds
Session ID: PPC-14
Abstract:  vCloud APIs provide platform independent means to interfacing with vCloud. vCloud SDK brings these REST based APIs into developer's own environment be it based on Java. PHP or C#. These SDK allows developers to get started quickly with vCloud APIs by providing easy to use client side representations of vCloud resources in their familiar programming languages. They help hide the details of REST, HTTP and the XML based requests and responses. In This session we will introduce you to the Java and PHP SDK and provide the details about how the SDK makes programming to vCloud API easy using various samples.
Speaker: Prasad Pimplaskar
Level: Advanced

vCloud API Lab
Lab ID: Lab 16
Abstract: The VMware vCloud™ API is the key to VMware’s story around federation and ecosystem with the cloud. In this lab we will introduce you to the API and what it can do. You will use real world scenarios to explore the API and figure out when and how to consume the API with several different programming languages. If you are building a cloud then eventually you will need to know about the VMware vCloud™ API and this lab will get you ready for that. No prior programming experience is required although you will definitely benefit from general programming concept knowledge (methods, functions, etc).
Lab Captain: Mike Dipetrillo, and Mike Haines

Bookmark these links:

vCloud API Community for latest information http://vmware.com/go/vcloudapi

VMware SDK Developer Support for your organization: http://vmware.com/go/sdksupport


Demystifying the PropertyCollector – VMworld Tech Exchange



Just wanted to highlight a very important session for anyone that has ever wrestled with the Property Collector.

This session is ideal for any developer or administrator that needs to customize the Property Collector to do the following. 

·     Retrieve the names of all the hosts in the inventory.

·     Monitor for changes to the power state of all VMs in the inventory.

·     Keep track of the host that each VM is running on

This is an advanced session, and will be a great opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the Property Collector and the new changes for vSphere 4.1. This is also a great chance to meet the Balaji and the rest of the team.

Looking forward to seeing  you there, hurry and register today.




Welcome ThinApp SDK Developers – Community Open – VMworld Tech Exchange


Very excited about our latest addition to the VMware Developer Community and congratulations to the ThinApp gang for rolling out a shiny their first shiny public SDK. We encourage developers to visit the community, download the SDK, give us feedback, ask questions, and contribute to our community.

Official URL for the ThinApp SDK Community is http://vmware.com/go/thinappsdk

And if you would like to meet the engineering team in person attend our upcoming Technology Exchange for Developers @VMworld SF. Greg G. will be presenting do not miss out. Hurry register today event starts Monday August 30th.

Introduction to the ThinApp SDK

ID: PPC-16
Level: Beginner
session focuses on VMware's clientless, serverless application
virtualization solution, ThinApp. The ThinApp SDK is currently being
used by partners to integrate support for ThinApp into their Enterprise
Management solutions. It can also be used by enterprise administrators
to obtain information about ThinApp packages and customize runtime
behavior. This session will present an overview of the SDK and go into
details on how to use it to manage virtualized applications within your
environment. We will also show sample codes to illustrate these points.
Speaker: Greg Geldorp


The PowerCLI Universe @ VMworld Tech Exchange



Just thought I would make a listing of all things vSphere PowerCLI for people attending both VMworld and Tech Exchange.

Monday August 30th 2010

Tech Exchange for Developers

vSphere PowerCLI Engineering will walk us through PowerCLI and reveal some really cool things happening with PowerCLI and Onyx

Vladimir G. VMware vSphere R&D Manager


Yavor B. VMware vSphere R&D Manager


Session IDL PPC-11

Session Title: Automating vSphere Management using PowerCLI and Onyx

Tuesday and Thursday


Alan R and Luc D blow the doors out of the event. Due to overwhelming popularity this session has been repeated. Show up early seating is limited, and dont miss out.

Session ID: TA6944

Session Title: PowerCLI is for Administrators !


LAB26 – VMware vSphere™ PowerCLI

This lab will provide hands on training for scripting a VMware environment. The goal is to provide all the tools needed to automate, integrate, and extend VMware vCenter™ for your environment. Attendees will use the Microsoft PowerShell based PowerCLI for scripting VMware vCenter™ and ESX. They’ll walk away from the lab with a better understanding of VMware Infrastructure, resources for using the toolkit, and a variety of scripts for performing common administrative tasks. Exercises will cover performing tasks based on VM attributes, performing actions on many VMs at a time, and exporting performance data. This lab does not require programming or scripting experience.

Lab Captain: Alton Yu

PowerCLI Booth

We will also have a booth dedicated to managing vSphere with PowerCLI and the vSphere APIs. Come and meet our Booth Representatives – (Sorry folks not what you think) The booth will be staffed with most of the engineering teams from the core SDK / API groups.


City wide disruptions (PowerCLI Party)

We are planning on getting together on Monday night. Its looking like it will be the 21st Amendment. Stand by for more details.

This should be a great all around event for PowerCLI fans – hope to see you there.

VMworld Tech Exchange – 5 Reasons why Application Developers need to attend


I get a lot of questions about why application developers should consider attending our event. I think we have a pretty good story from a Virtualization and Cloud perspective I hope you agree. Hope to see you there, so register soon.

Here are the top 5 reasons why application developers need to attend.

# 1. You are a developer looking at Virtualizing your applications and need to learn best practices. We have a great session dedicated to this topic. Tim H. will walk you through some common use cases and go into technical detail on best practices. This is one session you cannot miss if you are on the fence about Virtualizing your application.

Session Title: Virtualizing Applications that used to be impossible
Session ID: ADD-08

# 2. You are a Java Developers looking to build Cloud applications for your organization and you need to learn what VMware has to offer. These are great sessions targeted at Enterprise Java Developers. Sessions are presented by our Engineers from the SpringSource team. Chris R. will be presenting the Spring into the Cloud Session, and Ramnivas L. will be presenting on VMforce. May the force be with us all.

Session Title: VMforce an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud
Session ID:
Session Title:
Spring into the Cloud: Understanding Spring as a Cloud Application Development Platform
Session ID:

# 3. You are developing next generation Cloud services and need to understand the ins and outs of the vCloud APIs and you also want to learn about the new SDKs that are coming soon. This is ideal if you have started your vCloud project and you need to hear straight from the engineering teams who built the code.

Session Title: vCloud API – SDK to improve effeciency when building your Clouds
Session ID:

# 4. You are an architect, lead developer and need to understand how RabbitMQ can help with application messaging when deploying your applications to the cloud. You might also be interested in the power that Gemfire can bring to your Cloud architecture

Session Title: Messaging in the Cloud with RabbitMQ
Session ID:

Session Title:
Cloud Data Management using Gemfire Data Grid
Session ID:

# 5. You have deployed or about to deploy Zimbra and would like to learn best practices when deploying Zimbra and customizing your Zimbra interface for your users – building Zimlets.These are two great sessions targeted at Zimbra Application developers and maintainers. You will learn from the experts, ask your questions and meet the engineering teams.

Session Title: Developing and Deploying Custom Zimbra User Interface and 3rd Party Integrations
Session ID: ADD-05

Session Title: Zimbra Deployments best practices Virtual Application Benchmarking
Session ID: ADD-06

VMworld Tech Exchange – Check out your Messenger Bag


Sneak peek into your Technology Exchange Messenger Bag – we hope you like it. This messenger bag will work well with your SF City look. The bag will also work very well with your iPad (if you happen to win the raffle)

Hope to see you there. Please note this bag was not designed to carry more than 4 – 18oz cans of your favorite frosty beverages.

Hope to see you there. Register today.