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Cloud Data Management using the GemFire Data Grid session @ Tech Exchange



This is the first ever session from the Gemstone gang. Jags and Sudhir will be presenting this great session you cannot afford to miss. Come and meet Jags and Sudhir and learn all about Gemfire.

To register and learn more about our event: http://www.vmworld.com/community/conferences/techexchange

Session ID: ADD-04
Level: Beginner
computing provides business applications with elastic compute power.
However, the underlying assumption is that the workload can be
parallelized. This ability to scale dynamically typically requires
applications to work well in a share-nothing architecture, especially
when it comes to data access. In-memory elastic data grids offer low
latency characteristics and provide one of the foundations for scaling
applications up in the cloud. It also enables applications to handle
huge spikes in data volumes. In this talk, we will explore various
design patterns enabled by popular data grids – scale out through hash
or application defined partitioning policies, parallel query execution
to minimize latency, different transaction consistency models and the
use of commodity disks in parallel across the cluster for recovery, etc.
We will also cover how application behavior can be routed to where the
data lives than the other way around to dramatically increase throughput
for data intensive workloads. We will walk through the GemFire data
grid APIs and configuration model so developers get a feel for the
programming model.

Speakers: Jags Ramnarayan, and Sudhir Menon

Director, R&D, R&D: Gemstone



Jags Ramnarayan Sr. Staff Engineer, Chief Architect GemFire, R&D