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All about VMforce – Come join us VMworld Tech Exchange

Interested in building a Cloud Application ? Come learn about VMforce Architecture. Ramnivas will be discussing the VMforce Architecture and he will have plenty of Demos for us to experience. 

Hurry and register today. 

Inside VMforce: an Architectural Overview of the Enterprise Java Cloud

ID: ADD-03
Level: Beginner
the announcement of VMforce, VMware and Salesforce are building an
enterprise Java Cloud that combines the Spring programming model with
VMware flexibility and Force.com reliability and data integrity. This
session will discuss the architecture of this new Platform-as-a-Service
solution and provide a technical overview of how to run Spring
applications that integrate with Force.com services. VMforce will be
available for developer preview in Q4 2010, so VMware developers can
attend this session for a special early preview of this exciting new
cloud platform.
Speaker: Ramnivas Laddad