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vSphere SDK 4.1 Announced

vSphere SDK 4.1 Announced


This week, VMware announced VSphere 4.1, the latest and
greatest offering of our vSphere platform. While there is a nice GUI to go
along with the offering we have a lot of developers and administrators who
access the features via application programming interfaces (APIs) and the
software developments kits (SDKs) that go with these. We are pleased to
announce improved capabilities of the various API/SDK offerings as well.


Our core VSphere Web Service APIs
have had new objects and methods available. Details of what’s new can be found

For administrators who love to use the PowerCLI toolkit
we have several improvements as well


The vSphere SDK for Perl , while not having any major API changes has been made more scalable and better
performing. Several bugs have also been fixed.


VMWare’s CIM APIs have had some significant updates as
well.   We now support for the SMASH Software Inventory profile and
the SMASH Software Update profile on ESX. Note that the Software Update on ESX
requires you to enable outgoing connections in the ESX firewall. You can use this
command at a shell window:

esxcfg-firewall –allowOutgoing


We also added support for Active Directory on ESXi. This
allows CIM applications to integrate easily with enterprise security domains using
Active Directory controllers. Active Directory was supported on ESX previously,
but was not supported on ESXi until this release.


We hope you take advantage of these added features and bug
fixes and write great applications leveraging VMware’s virtualization
infrastructure. Visit http://developer.vmware.com for updates and do not forget to
send us your feedback – good or bad. We are looking forward to constructively
engaging with the developer community.