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VMware Scripting – SDK Developer Support available for vSphere SDK 4.1


Happy to let everyone know that VMware now provides vSphere 4.1 Scripting and SDK support for your organization. This service has been available for our TAP members and now we have brought it to market for all.

This program will help your organization when using the SDKs and CLIs and ensure you are going down the right path. There are two levels of services Standard and Premium. Support is sold per seat with unlimited use per year. 

Your organization can purchase offering directly through VMware, Channel Partner or for your convenience online. 

The Program covers a wide range of SDKs and CLIs including vSphere PowerCLI 4.1. To see a complete list of SDKs supported visit http://vmware.com/go/sdksupport

Service can also be purchased online


Pablo Roesch

vSphere SDK Product Marketing

Download SDK/CLI_Support_PDF