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Stuck using our vSphere SDKs / APIs ?….Help is on the way.




It has been a very happy week for me. We just got word that
IT testing is almost complete and we will be able to roll out the SDK Developer
Support SKUs shortly.

This means our customers and partners will be able to get
dedicated support when building vSphere solutions. No more chasing VMware
contacts for an answer, searching through our documentation, or combing through
the forums any kind of answer.

About the SDK Support Program.

The program is really not new. We started the program almost
2 years ago. Our first users were our beloved and extremely patient TAP
partners who now depend on the program to roll out their commercial products we
use everyday. We were very lucky as they provided extremely helpful feedback on
how to better serve them and more important how to improve our SDKs. We still
have a very long way to perfection but I think we are heading in the right direction.  

The Team behind the Program.

The team is made up of professional software engineers led
by our Technical Lead Neha Jain. The team has been pushing the vSphere APIs to its limits for the
past 2 years and probably know the APIs better than any human this side of
the Mississippi
(except for folks like lamw, lucd22, akutz , sjin and bparimi and a few others
I better not mention)

Who should consider buying a support subscription?

This program is for anyone that is building solutions to
manage large vSphere environments, either commercial applications or in-house
solutions. This is ideal if you are starting a project building vSphere
management applications or are a casual user looking to increase productivity
when using our Command Lines (vSphere PowerCLI, vMA, and vCLI)

Ordering Information

Our systems should be able to take orders soon, and pricing
will be announced through the normal channels but might be good to let your
local Partner / Direct Sales representative know that you are interested in
this support subscription. Another thing you should know is that Marty M. is in charge of the
program. If you do not know Marty M. he came over with the Spring Source acquisition.
I have been very fortunate to spend time with Marty and believe me he understands
the developers needs and in my book Marty is world class and a super cool guy.

What else is on the way to help? 

Our good friends
in the VMware Professional Training Organization are putting together a 2 day instructor
led course. The course title is “vSphere Automation” The course is about using PowerCLI
to manage vSphere. This hands-on training course introduces the use of VMware
vSphere™ PowerCLI to automate VMware vSphere 4. This course demonstrates ways
to automate tasks that can reduce your IT costs while improving efficiency,
availability, flexibility, and manageability. The course is still in limited
private beta and hope to see its release in 1H2010. 

Download VMware_SDK_Support_datasheet_webready

Download VMware vSphere 4 0 Automation Course Beta Datasheet