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Get your kitchen pass and visit VMware Labs – lots of great stuff cooking


I had lunch with my good friend Amitabh Chakrabarty the other day and realized that it might be good to highlight some fun "Flings" they have published on the VMware Labs site. If you do not know Amitabh he is the mad scientist behind the creation of VMware Labs and no a "Fling" is not what you might be thinking. 


A Fling is experimental code released by VMware Engineering for you to test out and play with. I'm not really sure how they got the name approved from the Naming Committee but glad they did.

Take a peek at some very cool "Flings"


Tool that generates time series graphs for selected esxtop fields. Ideal for helping troubleshooting performance problems.

o VMware Guest Console (VGC)

Application to manage Guest OS installed on a VM. This would be very useful for anyone managing large numbers of Virtual Machines.

o VMware vCenter Mobile Access 

vCMA allows you to
monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from your mobile phone with an
interface that is optimized for such devices. 

Visit the Official VMware Labs site http://labs.vmware.com you might be
able to find a very useful tool to help you manage vSphere.


Pablo Roesch