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Get your kitchen pass and visit VMware Labs – lots of great stuff cooking


I had lunch with my good friend Amitabh Chakrabarty the other day and realized that it might be good to highlight some fun "Flings" they have published on the VMware Labs site. If you do not know Amitabh he is the mad scientist behind the creation of VMware Labs and no a "Fling" is not what you might be thinking. 


A Fling is experimental code released by VMware Engineering for you to test out and play with. I'm not really sure how they got the name approved from the Naming Committee but glad they did.

Take a peek at some very cool "Flings"


Tool that generates time series graphs for selected esxtop fields. Ideal for helping troubleshooting performance problems.

o VMware Guest Console (VGC)

Application to manage Guest OS installed on a VM. This would be very useful for anyone managing large numbers of Virtual Machines.

o VMware vCenter Mobile Access 

vCMA allows you to
monitor and manage VMware Infrastructure from your mobile phone with an
interface that is optimized for such devices. 

Visit the Official VMware Labs site http://labs.vmware.com you might be
able to find a very useful tool to help you manage vSphere.


Pablo Roesch

SNMP MIB 1.0.1 Released

Folks – Its been hard to find these but we plan to make these a bit easier to get to as soon as they are released.

Check out the SNMP MIB Section within the vSphere Web Services / Management Community http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/forums/managementapi#SNMP-MIB

thanks for your patience

Pablo Roesch

So glad its friday – Photo of the Week


Think it might be kind of fun to post a photo submitted by you.

Here is one that was submitted by lamw with some slight modifications.

Lets see if you recognize this screen shot. Have a great weekend.



Stuck using our vSphere SDKs / APIs ?….Help is on the way.




It has been a very happy week for me. We just got word that
IT testing is almost complete and we will be able to roll out the SDK Developer
Support SKUs shortly.

This means our customers and partners will be able to get
dedicated support when building vSphere solutions. No more chasing VMware
contacts for an answer, searching through our documentation, or combing through
the forums any kind of answer.

About the SDK Support Program.

The program is really not new. We started the program almost
2 years ago. Our first users were our beloved and extremely patient TAP
partners who now depend on the program to roll out their commercial products we
use everyday. We were very lucky as they provided extremely helpful feedback on
how to better serve them and more important how to improve our SDKs. We still
have a very long way to perfection but I think we are heading in the right direction.  

The Team behind the Program.

The team is made up of professional software engineers led
by our Technical Lead Neha Jain. The team has been pushing the vSphere APIs to its limits for the
past 2 years and probably know the APIs better than any human this side of
the Mississippi
(except for folks like lamw, lucd22, akutz , sjin and bparimi and a few others
I better not mention)

Who should consider buying a support subscription?

This program is for anyone that is building solutions to
manage large vSphere environments, either commercial applications or in-house
solutions. This is ideal if you are starting a project building vSphere
management applications or are a casual user looking to increase productivity
when using our Command Lines (vSphere PowerCLI, vMA, and vCLI)

Ordering Information

Our systems should be able to take orders soon, and pricing
will be announced through the normal channels but might be good to let your
local Partner / Direct Sales representative know that you are interested in
this support subscription. Another thing you should know is that Marty M. is in charge of the
program. If you do not know Marty M. he came over with the Spring Source acquisition.
I have been very fortunate to spend time with Marty and believe me he understands
the developers needs and in my book Marty is world class and a super cool guy.

What else is on the way to help? 

Our good friends
in the VMware Professional Training Organization are putting together a 2 day instructor
led course. The course title is “vSphere Automation” The course is about using PowerCLI
to manage vSphere. This hands-on training course introduces the use of VMware
vSphere™ PowerCLI to automate VMware vSphere 4. This course demonstrates ways
to automate tasks that can reduce your IT costs while improving efficiency,
availability, flexibility, and manageability. The course is still in limited
private beta and hope to see its release in 1H2010. 

Download VMware_SDK_Support_datasheet_webready

Download VMware vSphere 4 0 Automation Course Beta Datasheet






Your online Learning Materials – vSphere Web Services SDK


I wanted to put together a collection of online materials to get folks get started with the vSphere SDKs / APIs. A note of caution before you dive in this post. This post is really for folks ready to go into the dangerous world of the vSphere Web Services SDK. If you need to put together a quick solution consider our vSphere PowerCLI.  

Lets start with the basics and answer a couple of frequently asked questions.

What can you do with the vSphere APIs ?

The vSphere APIs provide all the operations necessary, including life-cycle operations, to monitor and manage vSphere components—compute resources, virtual machines, networks, and storage. Another way of looking at it is everything you can do with the client you can do with an API (we are not 100% but this is a goal we are marching toward) 

What is the vSphere API Architecture?

The vSphere API provides a complete set of language-neutral interfaces to the vSphere Framework. The vSphere API is implemented as industry-standard Web services hosted on vCenter Server and ESX Server systems. The vSphere API complies with the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I) Basic Profile 1.0, which includes XML Schema 1.0, SOAP 1.1, WSDL 1.1.Take a peek at our Architecture description.

Getting Started

1. Download the vSphere Web Services SDK 

2. Review our guide was put together SDK Developer Support Engineers (more of a field guide)

3. Test your learning by creating your first Hello World Application – Post created by Balaji Parimi.

Latest videos to help you get started. 

vSphere SDK / CLI Overview new video (60 Minutes)

vSphere APIs Best Practices – (60+ Minutes) 

Building vSphere Monitoring Solutions – (60+ Minutes for folks monitoring large environments – advanced)

Managing your Virtual Machines– (60+ Minutes – This is for using the VIX API when managing Virtual Machines)

Using the vSphere APIs are not for the timid. Here are some free tools to make your life easier. 

Project Onyx – This is a Tech Preview Project developed by the PowerCLI R&D teams. It generates user code when interacting with the vSphere Client – saves time, not having to search documentation for calls. http://vmware.com/go/onyx 

akutz – SIM SDK – http://akutz.wordpress.com/2010/03/09/simdk API recreation of the vSphere API for hundreds of uses. 

Steve Jin's VI Java API – This extremely popular OpenSource Project created by Steve Jin makes building vSphere Java applications a snap. http://vijava.sourceforge.net/

Pointers to leading Blogs of folks really pushing our APIs

DoubleCloud – http://www.doublecloud.org/ Steve Jin Ecosystem Engineering – Creator of the VI Java API

LucDNotes – http://lucd.info/ PowerCLI Expert

VMDev Info – http://www.vmdev.info/ Expert on LinkedClones, PowerCLI 

Did I miss your link ? Please let me know, I would be more than happy to add to our list. 

Upcoming Events you need to be aware of

Coffee Talk Webinar Series: All about Alarms and Events http://communities.vmware.com/thread/260807 April 28th, 2010 9:00 AM PST Must attend for anyone building custom alarms and events. 

What is around the corner ? 

VMware Developer Community – Sample Code Plug-In. We are improving the
way we display sample code on our website. 

SDK Developer Support – Dedicated SDK Developer Support Program for Customers, Partners coming soon. 

vSphere PowerCLI Course – Instructor Lead 2 Day Training coming soon.

VMware Developer Day @ VMworld 2010 – Dedicated to all software engineers building solutions on the VMware platform. 

Dont forget to visit the VMware Developer Community for latest information on what is going on.

Creating custom Alarms and Events for vSphere – not for the timid

Attention all vSphere Developers.

Are you struggling when building the following solutions using the vSphere APIs ?

– Posting data on events
– Creating your own events and custom tasks
– Viewing progress on the vSphere Client
– Viewing historical information and real time information about events and tasks.

If you are you must attend our Coffee Talk Webinar Wednesday April 28th 9:00 – 10:30 AM PST.

WebEx and Dial-in Info

Photo of the Week – Westvleteren + PowerCLI = Great Weekend


Just a great way to end the week, wanted to post my favorite photo to help kick off a great weekend.

Big thanks to @LucD22, @afokkema and the artists brewing this special beer and of course the authors of these books. Great way to spend the weekend Westvletern Beer and PowerCLI .


New Video – Building vSphere Performance Monitoring Tools

New video for anyone building vSphere Performance Monitoring Solutions – Ravi and Balaji did a great job.

Building Performance Monitoring Tools using vSphere APIs from heyitspablo on Vimeo.