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First month at VMware. Like the energy level within the teams. Lots of work ahead – primarily on adding functionality that helps our developers, partners and integrators. Feel free to comment on what you think are some of the important things VMware should do to help you, the developer.

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  1. jrackliffe

    Deep, one area that has always been the unloved cousin of vSphere dev is Windows developers working in vSphere in .NET languages. There is the “.NET toolkit” that comes w the Powershell release, but it is pretty unknown. From chatter on the forum I think there are a number of C# devs that don’t need the depth of the SOAP api and just need “more than powershell”. I think investing in that will help. Or you could push IronPython and the stubs, but first things first.
    Ohh and whats with the 2005 stub generator… come on. 2008 is current and 2010 is less than a month away. You get targeting so help us out here w some native solutions in the SDK distro.

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