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vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring – Webinar, PDF Posted !


Thanks for attending this mornings Coffee Talk session. We had a great time bringing this to you and hope it was useful.

I think the next Webinar we will experiment with streaming live video to allow for real time white board sessions.

Judging from the questions we had this event was received extremely well. I think one of the key things to walk away is that our vSphere APIs are extremely powerful and should be used with caution when pulling in information about your environment.

In fact this was one of the top support call topics we saw in the past but we have been noticing over the last year that these types of webinars help our developers and admins build better solutions.

Wanted to thank the folks out there especially the ones that were up at 3:00 AM !

Link to MP3: Download VSphere-Perf-APIs

Link to Web Ex, and PDF http://communities.vmware.com/thread/233040


Picture of Balaji and Ravi driving in the vSphere API Ferrari on the way to the next Coffee Talk !