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vMA Compatible Agent/Scripts(Third Party) Community List


Wanted to point out something new you might have spotted in the vMA Resources:VMA

Here is a link to this resource: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-10772

Above document is a list that will be open to the community to edit and view where a third party that has tested their script/agent on vMA can add their Agent/Script to the list.

The sole purpose of this document's is to make it transparent to the community on which agents/scripts are compatible with vSphere Management Assistant(vMA) that are created by Third Party.

Hence if you are a third party that wants to publish that their agent/script is vMA compatible, this is the place!

Note: Maintenance of this document is a community effort and VMware does not endorse or imply support for any of the agents/scripts listed.

This is simply a way for people to keep track of what's worked on vMA.

Thank you,

The SDK Team.