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(TAP Partners) Got SDK Support?

TAP partners, are you in need of SDK support?  Here are some resources available to you:

  1. SDK Developer Forums and Knowledge Base
    –   These forums are regularly monitored by our SDK team.  If you are having trouble finding content
    on a specific topic try the community search page.
  2. SDK per incident support – Select,
    Premier and Global Technology Alliance Program (TAP) partners receive 3, 5
    and 7 SDK incidents annually.  The TAP home page lists the criteria to
    qualify as well as next steps to sign up.  Unsure as to whether your
    company is a TAP partner?  Use the Partner
    to verify.  Once you join,
    visit the how to file an SDK support request and
    uploading diagnostic information sites
    for more information.
  3. Technology Exchange/ Developer Day
    This event occurs twice a year and includes a full day of interactive
    demos, product roadmap reviews and labs.  This is your chance to
    learn about the latest VMware APIs, receive hands on training and get your
    questions answered.  Technology Exchange is now open to developers as
    well as partners, and the next event is August 31st, 2009…
    right around the corner!
  4. Architecture Help – Premier and Global
    TAP partners can submit a project request to gain access to R&D for
    architecture help.  To initiate a request, Premier or Global partners
    should work with their Alliance Manager.  Try the Partner
    if you are unsure of your company’s membership in the
    TAP program.

 If you are kicking off an SDK project in the near future, I encourage you to attend developer day… it’s a great way to jump start your project as you’ll have access to our product team, interactive labs, etc.

Oh and for those attending Tech Exchange/ Developer day, insider tips on San Francisco restaurants  coming soon… stay tuned…