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SF Live Music Scene – recommendations from my hip sisters..(not)


I asked my younger hip sisters where they recommend to go for live music during VMworld,, …they simple responded that I would not be interested in what they listen to and not to bother them….. 😉

Okay –  I asked some of my friends from the neighborhood and results are as follow. (YMMV)

Please be warned this is blues funk, original sound, if you are into other music no need to read further.

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsment from VMware Inc. this is merely information that people might find useful and interesting during thier time @ VMware Technology Exchange Developer Day and VMworld 2009.

at the top on the list is the Perpetual Groove and Hill Country

Sept 2 BoomBoomRoom ->www.boomboomblues.com
Band: Papa Grows Funk

Sept10 The Independent -> www.theindependentsf.com
Band: Perpetual Groove

Band: Hill Country Review

Sept 16 BoomBoomRoom -> www.boomboomblues.com
Band: Global Noize (george porter from the meters plays bass for these guys)

Sept 17 Fillmore
Band: Blues Traveler

Sept 24 Yoshis SF
Band: Soulive

Sept 25 Yoshis SF
Band: Soulive

Fillmore: Galactic
Warfield: Gov't Mule

Sept 26
Warfield: Gov't Mule