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Session Update! vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring

Got the Performance Monitoring Blues
? Does your performance monitoring application make your vCenter Server crawl
to its knees ? Are you tired of staying up late waiting for inventory data to
come back ?

We have the cure for you !

The vSphere API Performance
Monitoring session is a great opportunity for you to come and learn about latest
counters and tips on collecting performance monitoring information. We will
also have an opportunity to come and meet the folks in what we call "The
Performance Round Table Discussion…"  See you there..


Session Abstract

Understand the features available to developers
via vSphere Web Services APIs to collect performance statistics and discuss
best practices in collecting performance data when using these APIs.  This presentation is a must-attend for any
developer that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in
any large environment. While the content is advanced, developers new to the
platform should be able to follow most of it.

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