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Introduction to the vCloud APIs @ VMworld Tech Ex – Developer Day


The upcoming Developer Day is a great opportunity to hear about vCloud APIs and meet some of the key members from the R&D team. Hope to see you there.

Monday Aug. 31st – 1 Day event $249 + includes vSphere Standard License for development and testing more info http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange/register

Session ID DE-03 Abstract
VMware's vCloud API is a key element of VMware's vision for fostering a Cloud ecosystem of Service Providers, Enterprises, ISVs and VARs.The API enables provisioning and consumption of resources in the Cloud, management and publishing of VMs in the Cloud, as well as migration of VMs between internal and external Clouds. In this session, we will get into some details of the API and explore a few usage scenarios. The audience should walk away with an understanding of how the API fits within VMware's overall Cloud vision, what problem areas it addresses and the key concepts it exposes.

Presenter Bio


Tichomir Tenev

Tichomir is a senior staff engineer at VMware currently working on VMware's Cloud products. He has been with VMware since 2001 and has worked on a number of the well known VMware products today such as VMware workstation and VMware vCenter.

Prior to VMware, Tichomir worked for an energy trading startup and prior to that for a visualization company that spun off from Xerox PARC.

Tichomir holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT, as well as Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Applied Math from MIT.