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My favorite SF Bars (for folks attending the VMware Technology Exchange – Developer Day)



I have lived in SF since I was 7 years old (20+ years ago:) and thought it would be good to put together a list of some of my near all time favorite drinking establishments,,, just in case folks attending the VMware Technology Exchange Developer Day Monday August 31st, 2009 might get thirsty.


Please note this is not an endorsement from VMware Inc. This is simply a note about some of my favorite meeting places where they happen to server worthwhile drinks and have an interesting atmosphere.



Address: 83 First St. SF CA

Distance from Moscone: 3.5 blocks

Why: This establishment prides itself in quality of well drinks offered. They have a wide variety of top line, old school spirits. They also know how to mix the drinks pretty well. No fuzz, no mess, just good quality cocktails. My favorite drink here is always Patron Silver, straight.




#2 Reds Java House

Adress: Pier 30
Bryant & Embarcadero

San Francisco, CA 94105
(415) 777-5626

Distance from Moscone: A lot more than 3 blocks, but walking is good exercise

Why: I like this place because they server old school burgers, sandwiches and they have Sierra Nevada in pitcher size. The place is also far enough away from the convention where you can get some quiet, and have better chances of having a beer + sandwich on the patio. You can sit just feet from the SF Bay, dont fall in. This place might be better suited to meet with old friends that you do not have to impress, but just want to share an inexpensive sandwich and a pitcher of beer.




#3 Irish Bank

10 Mark Lane, San Francisco, CA‎ – (415) 788-7152

Distance from Moscone: More than 3 blocks but not that far after a few cocktails

Why: This bar is pretty much original as in OG can get in my book. I like it because this is the first place I was introduced to single malt pleasures, and will always bring back fond memories. The name pretty much says it all, you get real beers, real whiskey (with a ey) Im not claiming to know my whiskeys but I know what I like when it comes to these spirits.


Well that is all for now, hope to see you at VMware Technology Exchange – Developer Day,,Would like to hear about your favorite places for a cocktail near Moscone.




5 Reasons to attend Technology Exchange Developer Day


So if you have not registered for this amazing learning experience yet, here are 5 reasons to why you should:

1: Content Designed Specifically for Developers

Exchange Developer Day focuses on the needs of

developers building solutions for VMware platforms.

1-day event will cover the latest on developer focused VMware APIs,
best practices for integration with

products, and demos and technology previews of developer focused
products. The agenda is available at


2: (For TAP Program Members only) Get Product Roadmap Updates

of our TAP Program will get exclusive updates on VMware product
roadmaps to assist them with their product planning activities.


3: Receive Hands-on Training from VMware Experts

your skills and technical expertise by participating in interactive
demo and technology previews. A complete list will be posted to the
web site in the next two weeks.

Session Info:



4: Interact with VMware Engineers

your questions answered directly from our engineers who design these
developer focused products. There will be multiple opportunities to

and interact with these engineers during the sessions, through demos
or in small-group sessions.


5: Get Complementary Software

registered attendees will get a complementary 1-year developer
license to vSphere Standard product.


is $249/attendee.

Event link: http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange

us on twitter



vSphere SDKs and Toolkits Overview @ Silicon Valley VMware User Group


Balaji will be presenting an overview of our vSphere SDKs and Toolkits at the Silicon Valley User Group August 6th. This is a great opportunity to get a glimpse of our upcoming sessions at VMware Technology Exchange – Developer Day @ VMworld 2009

Info on the Silicon Valley User Group Meeting: http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmug/us-west/siliconvalley

Look forward to seeing you at event and hearing more about what you would like to see at the upcoming Developer Day event.

If you have not registered yet or want more info on the VMware Technology Exchange Developer Day event




VMware Technology Exchange Developer Day Sessions Schedule


us on twitter




Breakfast and

– 9:30

General Session –
Developing on VMware Platforms with introduction from Sr.

– 9:45


VMware vSphere
Nuts and Bolts

Desktops and Emerging Technologies

Demos, Technology Previews and more


9:45 – 10:45


application development time – VMware ThinApp


for TAP Program Members

10:45 – 11:30


vApps and Virtual Appliances using VMware Studio 2.0


11:30 – 12:30


12:30 – 1:30

to vSphere Web Services SDK 4.0 and NewFeatures

with vCenter Orchestrator


1:30 – 2:15

Health Monitoring

to vCloud APIs



2:15 – 2:30


2:30 – 3:30

Best Practices for vSphere Web Services SDK

with the vCenter Chargeback API

PowerCLI with EcoShell

3:30 – 3:45


3:45 – 4:45

APIs for Performance Monitoring

APIs – Managing and Automating Guest OS



4:45 – 5:45



to VDDK (part of vStorage APIs)


Round Table

API demo

5:45 – 8:30

2009 Reception & Solutions Exchange

Session Update! vSphere APIs for Performance Monitoring

Got the Performance Monitoring Blues
? Does your performance monitoring application make your vCenter Server crawl
to its knees ? Are you tired of staying up late waiting for inventory data to
come back ?

We have the cure for you !

The vSphere API Performance
Monitoring session is a great opportunity for you to come and learn about latest
counters and tips on collecting performance monitoring information. We will
also have an opportunity to come and meet the folks in what we call "The
Performance Round Table Discussion…"  See you there..


Session Abstract

Understand the features available to developers
via vSphere Web Services APIs to collect performance statistics and discuss
best practices in collecting performance data when using these APIs.  This presentation is a must-attend for any
developer that retrieves performance information from the vSphere platform in
any large environment. While the content is advanced, developers new to the
platform should be able to follow most of it.

Click here for the event page

Click here for rest of the schedule

Session Update! VIX APIs – Managing and Automating Guest OS

Hello Folks,

Here is another session update for Technology Exchange Developer Day.

Session Abstract
The VIX APIs provide an easy-to-use, high-level
programming interface that combines virtual machine management operations with
actions in the guest operating system, such as running programs and copying
files to and from the guest. Users can leverage VIX to write scripts and
programs in C, Perl, C# or Visual Basic, and use a simple command-line tool for
writing shell scripts. This session will provide an overview of the VIX API,
along with detailed examples and demonstrations.

Session Speakers:


Matt LaMantia is the manager of the VIX API team at VMware, focusing on enabling users and independent software vendors to interface with VMware's platform offerings. Prior to
working at VMware, he was on the J2EE Server team at Art Technology Group and
the speech recognizer team at Dragon Systems, Inc. He received his MS in
engineering management at MIT in 2006 and a BA in computer science from Harvard
in 1994.


Matt Richards is a senior software engineer for VMware, where he is the
engineering lead for the VIX API. While at VMware, he has worked on areas
including platform scalability, product security, and API and protocol design.
He received his BS in computer science from Stanford University.

Click here for the event page

Click here for rest of the schedule

Session Update! Integration Best Practices for vSphere Web Services SDK

We are very excited to announce our session abstracts on "Integration Best Practices for vSphere Web Services SDK". This is one of our most popular
sessions as Balaji will go over some best practices learned from the trenches.
This is ideal for any developer building popular solutions for the vSphere
platform, monitoring, provisioning, reporting. Please let us know if you
would like to see anything specific in this topic and we can ask Balaji to
include it in the session. We will also have plenty of hands on demos, and time
to meet the folks and ask questions. Look forward to seeing you there.

Session Abstract:

vSphere Web Services APIs provide the interfaces
to programmatically manage the vSphere platform. As with any SDK, there are
many subtleties associated with the vSphere API usage as well. This session
explains the best practices with specific use cases, with special focus on the new
features introduced in SDK 4.0. Application designers and developers will find
the content quite useful in various usage scenarios. This is an advanced level
session, so it assumes that the attendees have some familiarity with the SDK.

vSphere API provides the interfaces to programmatically manage the vSphere
platform. As with any SDK, there are many subtleties associated with the
vSphere API usage as well. This session explains the best practices with
specific use cases. This can help the vSphere application designers and
developers immensely with various usage scenarios. This is an advanced level
session, so it assumes that the attendees have some familiarity with the
vSphere SDK, VI APIs.

For more information about the event, click here!

Please click here for updated sessions schedule

Announcing vSphere Web Services SDK 4.0 & New Features Session

Web Services SDK 4.0 & New Features is going to be one of the exciting sessions at Technology Exchange Developer Day. It will be a great opportunity to get an up close view on APIs that are either new to vSphere 4.0 or enable tighter integration with vCenter, HA, DRS and virtual machine automation. In the words of the presenter Balaji Parimi, “This is a must-attend session for developers new to VMware
platform”. Balaji has been with VMware for 2 years focused on helping partners create solutions
based on the vSphere platform.

Introduction to the vCloud APIs @ VMworld Tech Ex – Developer Day


The upcoming Developer Day is a great opportunity to hear about vCloud APIs and meet some of the key members from the R&D team. Hope to see you there.

Monday Aug. 31st – 1 Day event $249 + includes vSphere Standard License for development and testing more info http://communities.vmware.com/community/developer/techexchange/register

Session ID DE-03 Abstract
VMware's vCloud API is a key element of VMware's vision for fostering a Cloud ecosystem of Service Providers, Enterprises, ISVs and VARs.The API enables provisioning and consumption of resources in the Cloud, management and publishing of VMs in the Cloud, as well as migration of VMs between internal and external Clouds. In this session, we will get into some details of the API and explore a few usage scenarios. The audience should walk away with an understanding of how the API fits within VMware's overall Cloud vision, what problem areas it addresses and the key concepts it exposes.

Presenter Bio


Tichomir Tenev

Tichomir is a senior staff engineer at VMware currently working on VMware's Cloud products. He has been with VMware since 2001 and has worked on a number of the well known VMware products today such as VMware workstation and VMware vCenter.

Prior to VMware, Tichomir worked for an energy trading startup and prior to that for a visualization company that spun off from Xerox PARC.

Tichomir holds a Master's degree in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science from MIT, as well as Bachelor Degrees in Computer Science and Applied Math from MIT.

The Mint-less Julep

Hello, I wanted to take a moment to
introduce myself.  I manage the Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) program; where
vendors can certify or validate their product with VMware and then take
advantage of various co-marketing activities.  I’ve been with VMware for 3 years
(to the day!) and it’s been quite a ride… started with just 50 TAP partners and we
are at over 1100 today.

I will be blogging from time to time
to share tips on how to successfully partner with VMware.  I’d also love to get
your feedback.  This all Pablo’s fault by the way.  He cornered me at the last
VMware happy hour and suggested that developers need to hear more from me.  I
took the time to listen because he offered me a free cocktail… albeit a
Mint-less Julep (the bar ran out of mint… also Pablo is from the west coast and
doesn’t know any better).  It struck me as we were talking, that not engaging
with the developer community is sort of like a Mint-less Julep… it doesn’t make
sense.  Developers are out there creating excellent solutions for our customers,
and they need to learn about partnering opportunities. So I’m here to change

To start, I wanted to let you know
that as of Monday July 13th, TAP members will receive access to a new
and improved partner portal with great content on benefits like how to build a
solution brief with VMware, how to post an entry in the product catalog, etc. .
 If you are interested in learning more, please join our webinar later this
month where we will demo the site.  You don’t have to be a TAP member to
attend.  Details below:

Webcast: Partner
Central Overview for TAP Members

As a supplement to
the general training on how to use the new
Partner Central, the TAP team will do a quick run-through of the site,
specifically for TAP members—showing you where everything is since we've
migrated to the new system.

  • Date:
    Wednesday, July 22, 2009
  • Time: 9:30 am,
    Pacific Daylight Time
  • Duration: 30-45

Webex Meeting #:
924 755

Join Webex