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A Woman’s World: VMware Spotlight on Monica Martz

“I’ve always loved technology. The beauty of it is, it’s constantly evolving, which feeds my curiosity to keep learning.”

Born and raised in Romania, Monica Martz, Staff Technical Account Manager Lead and vExpert, discovered her love of technology while studying C and C++ in high school. At 17, she moved to the US to attend college, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s in management information systems. Her studies weren’t enough to quench her thirst for technology, though. Monica also earned her A+ certificate to fix computers, which helped her land roles assisting companies with their network and IT systems. 

Juggling work, family, and loving it all

Monica leads an active life in Florida with her family, playing as hard as she works.  She loves spending time outdoors, cycling, boating, kayaking, camping, and running 5K and 10K races. She acknowledges the challenges of being a working mom, but manages to juggle it all with poise, thanks to a strong support system. 

Career-changing experiences

Monica spent the last 20+ years thriving in the tech industry, primarily in the healthcare field, before joining VMware in 2018. She worked her way up from a system administrator and computer technician to an IT manager with a healthcare system that included 10+ hospitals and 40+ clinics. There, she led a team of 10 engineers in their adoption of VMware’s virtualization technology.

“I’ve worked with VMware technology for many years, and I just love it,” Monica said. “Being active within the VMUG community as a committee member and co-president was a great experience.” 

During the virtualization project Monica met her first VMware TAM, who worked closely with her team. “The interaction with the TAM was so positive,” she recalled. “It combined technology and business to the benefit of my team.”

She soon realized she wanted to be a VMware TAM herself and set out to make it happen.

“It was an ideal fit, bringing all my interests together, because I’m really a geek at heart,” said Monica. The feeling was mutual. Monica just celebrated her 5-year anniversary as a VMware TAM and couldn’t be happier. 

Energized by customer challenges

“Interacting with my customers and being their trusted advisor energizes me. I feel like I’m making a difference.” Monica said. “I find it so satisfying to help my customers achieve their business and IT objectives with the amazing products we have at VMware.”

One customer who interacts with many vendors’ TAMs says Monica is by far the best. He credits his company’s progress to her leadership and dedication. But sometimes, the hard-won relationships leave the biggest impression.

“Nothing is more satisfying than winning over a challenging customer,” Monica said.

One customer who was protective of his environment constantly threw challenges her way. At first, she felt intimidated — but she was undeterred. Monica saw an opportunity to hone her skills and demonstrate how partnering with a VMware TAM could make a difference for his team. Over time, she built a cooperative, respectful relationship.

“I always came prepared, made thoughtful recommendations, and demonstrated my technical expertise,” Monica said.

When the pushback and challenges transitioned into better collaboration, “that’s when I realized a trusting relationship was built,” she said. Even though Monica no longer supports that customer, their relationship continues to this day. 

I’m proud of women in tech

A lot fewer women worked in the field when Monica started out in tech. Thankfully, the workplace has evolved. 

“I’m proud of women in tech. Together we’ve come a long way,” Monia said.

Even so, gender bias still exists in the industry. Even with a stronger focus on diversity and inclusion, there’s still more to be done. 

“VMware does an amazing job,” Monica noted, citing investments in underrepresented communities and support networks that are open and safe places to connect, share and receive guidance.

“The culture at VMware is supportive and inclusive,” she said. “I feel I can be my best here.” 

When Monica joined a group mentorship program organized by the VMware Women’s POD (Power of Difference), she met a VP who had a profound impact on her career and advised her of the importance of a personal manifesto. Today, Monica’s manifesto is “Be consistent and predictable. Surround yourself with people you like, trust, respect, and can learn from. Set goals and review them often. Build your brand and lead by example.”

I love everything I’ve done in my career

Monica wishes she joined VMware sooner, although she acknowledges that her career path shaped who she is today. 

“I love everything I’ve done in my career,” said Monica, reminiscing that her fascination with technology has taken her on a wonderful, wild adventure. Even better: she’s just as excited about technology today as she was when she first started out – maybe even more.  She’s inspired by great thinkers and how technology helps us all in daily life.

Young women just starting their careers in tech are fortunate that so many women like Monica helped pave the way. Their potential is truly limitless.

Monica advises her younger peers to “believe in yourself, be curious, ask questions, build your brand and empower other women.”


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