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How to Upgrade VMware Aria Operations to 8.6.2 using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.6.2.

This topic will walk you through the process of Upgrade VMware Aria Operations™ (formerly VMware vRealize® Operations™) to 8.6.2 using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle (formerly VMware vRealize® Suite Lifecycle Manager™) 8.6.2.

What’s New?

Security Vulnerability Fixed.

This is a maintenance release in which Apache log4j has been updated to version 2.16 to resolve CVE-2021-44228 and CVE-2021-45046. For more information on these vulnerabilities and their impact on VMware products please see VMSA-2021-0028.

This maintenance release also resolves a few other important security and functionality issues. For more information, see KB 87154.

Step upgrade VMware Aria Operations to 8.6.2 using VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.6.2

In this topic, we are upgrading VMware Aria Operations version to 8.6.2.

1. Login to VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.6.2

2. Check to see if the VMware Aria Operations 8.6.2 upgrade file is already in VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle 8.6.2.

3. Navigate to “Settings,” then “Binary Mapping”.

4. Look for the VMware Aria Operations version.  

5. We only found VMware Aria Operations version 8.4, and we need to get version 8.6.2.  

6. Click “ADD BINARIES”. 

7. You have 3 options for locating the location type pack for the upgrading product. 

  • Local – You can map the binaries to the VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle locally downloaded copy. 
  • NFS – You can map to a downloaded product binary with products dependent on the product binary location 
  • My VMware Downloads – You can map to product binary downloaded from My VMware 

In this article, click “My VMware” and then “DISCOVER”. 

8. When you search for VMware Aria Operations, you will see 2 types of VMware Aria Operations 8.6.2. There are 2 methods: upgrade and install. We will concentrate on upgrade type. 

9. Check the box VMware Aria Operations 8.6.2 update, then click “ADD”. 

10. When you have finished adding products, you may view the status of product upload to binaries by Click here, as shown in the image below. 

11. Status request for product VMware Aria Operations addition to binary. 

12. Wait for the status to change to completed. 

13. Navigate to the environment where we want to upgrade VMware Aria Operations. 

14. When you click VMware Aria Operations, the current version will be displayed (8.4.0-18010750). Select 3 dots (…) 

15. Select “Trigger Inventory Sync” to sync product before upgrading (Recommend) 

16. Click the “SUBMIT” button. 

17. You will notice the status request inventory sync progress and will have to wait till it is completed. 

18. Successful inventory sync 

19. Navigate to the VMware Aria Operations environment, choose VMware Aria Operations, and then click “UPGRADE”. 

20. You will be advised to trigger inventory sync; if completed, click “PROCEED” to upgrade. 

21. You will select the version to upgrade and then click “NEXT”. 

22. Before you upgrade, click “RUN ASSESSMENT”. 

23. You may either view or download the assessment report. 

24. Check the box next to “I have viewed the report and agree to proceed” and then click “NEXT”. 

25. Check the box next to “Take product snapshot” and then click “NEXT”. 

26. Before continuing, click “RUN PRECHECK”. 

27. You will complete the precheck and can download the report. We recommend that you resolve the issues in the precheck report before proceeding with the upgrade. 

Note: You may see the issues by clicking View. When the issues have been resolved, rerun precheck. 

28.Upgrade summary, click “SUBMIT”. 

29.Each stage will have a progress upgrade. Waiting till the last stage and a successful show. 

Note: The stage will be reduced or increased depending on the number of VMware Aria Operations appliances in your environment. This article contains 7 appliances. 

Check the status using the VMware Aria Operations UI console. 

Check the status using the VMware Aria Operations admin console. 


VMware Aria Operations is a single, AI-powered self-driving IT operations management platform for private, hybrid, and multi-cloud settings. VMware Aria Operations is available in the cloud or on-premises. VMware Aria Suite Lifecycle is a single pane of glass for managing, deploying, upgrading, patching, and so on. 


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