VMware Success 360

VMware Success 360: The Next Chapter

Wow. It’s hard to believe VMware Success 360™ is almost two years old. Our Customer Success organization is guiding hundreds of organizations through their journeys with VMware solutions who are seeing real ROI. Take a look at the new Forrester TEI on VMware Success 360. 173% ROI! 20% solution uptime improvement! Improved personnel productivity 15%!

And now we’ve made VMware Success 360 even better with a tiering model that addresses a wide range of customer needs plus some new features for the most complex organizations. It still includes Success Planning, Adoption Accelerators, Digital Learning, and Prioritized and Proactive Support, but is now available in these three tiers with versions for U.S. Federal Agencies and Telecom organizations.

VMware Success 360 Standard is our new basic tier that provides premium level support with self-service success planning performed using our online tool. Adoption Accelerators for Inform and Enable on-demand curated content as well as Build workshops for onboarding VMware technology are also included.

VMware Success 360 Advanced adds a designated Success Executive that will execute a Business Outcomes Workshop and develop a customized success plan. The Success Executive stays engaged to ensure you are progressing with your success plan. The Advanced tier also includes access to the full Adoption Accelerator catalog along with a designated Support Services Manager.

VMware Success 360 Enterprise enables you to have more frequent engagements with your Success Executive for success plan check-ins along with additional Business Outcome Workshops throughout the year. You will have access to NEW Architectural Guidance sessions from certified VMware architects, increased access to Adoption Accelerators, and more time from our support team. The new deep-dive Architectural Guidance sessions are ideal for organizations with multiple VMware solutions and include business use case mapping, conceptual design guidance, and an architectural risk assessment.

Adoption Accelerators, are specialized resources and guided assistance that help you through all stages of your journey with VMware solutions. We now have “Build” options which provide hands-on specialists for situations when you need an expert to implement a new feature in your environment. This example for VMware Cloud on AWS shows how they can help you address common challenges such onboarding, adoption, and migration.

All of the Adoption Accelerators are organized based on the outcomes you are pursuing. Unlimited access to the on-demand “Inform” and “Enable” curated resources can help you adopt a feature or build a basic capability. The Guide and Build accelerators are executed with VMware subject matter experts who will guide you through a new feature, capability, or configuration in your system or build it for you.

All of this is accessible through VMware Customer Connect™ where you can access:

  • Connect Knowledge with knowledgebase articles, product documentation and access to community discussions
  • Connect Learning for training and education resources
  • Connect Communities where you can reach out to VMware experts and your peers
  • Connect Support for all your service request related tasks
  • Connect Success for accessing your Success Plans and Adoption Accelerators

Exclusive to VMware Success 360 customers is Skyline Advisor Pro Proactive Insights Reports which provide deeper insights and faster data analysis than what can be done independently. This provides you with a more proactive and guided approach to developing and driving remediation plans.

To learn more about VMware Success 360 or the Forrester TEI study, contact your VMware representative or visit vmware.com/success360.


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