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Get to Know VMware Connect Success in 7 Fast GIFs

The Connect Success portal offers VMware Success 360 customers an exclusive space within VMware Customer Connect to track, manage and progress objectives within their Success Plan to help them achieve outcomes faster with VMware technology. Here are 7 quick GIFs highlighting the coolest features you should know about within VMware Connect Success. 

1. Quickly access from the VMware Customer Connect portal

If you’re a VMware Success 360 customer, you’ll have anytime access to your exclusive Connect Success space within the VMware Customer Connect portal. Simply click the “Success” section to get started.

2. See it all in your success dashboard

Your Connect Success dashboard is a report of all the happenings within your Success Plan. Here you’ll track both objective and task completion. You can also see details of each of your objectives with trackers and visual charts to help you assess and prioritize where you need. 

3. Progress your Success Plan with interactive task tracking

Easily search, filter, monitor, and engage with specific tasks in your Success Plan across objectives to move them forward.

4. Access recommended success resources  

With Connect Success, you get access to our Adoption Guidance library of videos, whitepapers and on-demand enablement sessions that align to your business objectives. We’ve built the Adoption Guidance library to address your most common challenges and objectives from onboarding and adoption to consumption and optimization.

5. Discover remotely guided workshops

Easily see all your planned remotely guided Workshops in a single place. Read more about how Adoption Guidance and Workshops help you reach your technology goals in this article.

6. Manage and invite users to collaborate on a Success Plan

You can easily view and manage access and invite new users on your team to collaborate on your Success Plan.

7. View your entire success dream team

Need to reach out to your VMware success team? You can view all the team members related to your account along with their contact information at any time under the Success Team tab.

Want more Connect Success? Check out this video to see the newest features detailed in action. If you’d like to learn more about VMware Success 360, visit our webpage or contact your account representative.


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