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Five End User Computing Resolutions to Make in 2022

If you were like me, January went by in a blur. It went by so fast I didn’t get a chance to share my annual top 5 resolutions until now. The past 2 years have made it abundantly clear that organizations need to support hybrid work models. Let’s face it, employees are the lifeblood of an organization. It’s essential that their experiences are productive, frictionless, and secure no matter where they’re working. 

Employees have great technology in their personal lives and expect the same or better at work, which is why organizations with great employee experiences are better positioned to retain and attract top talent. Here are five EUC resolutions to help you deliver the experiences your savvy employees want.

1. Start the journey to the Anywhere Workspace

The VMware Anywhere Workspace is a combination of three technologies: VMware Workspace ONE®, VMware Carbon Black®, and VMware SASE™ (Secure Access Secure Edge). The amalgamation of these technologies allows firms to create an end-user focused experience that promotes a quality employee experience while providing a path to Zero Trust.

This video, created by my good friend and colleague, Florian Becker, does a much better job than I possibly could at describing the process.

2. Automate common administrative tasks with Experience Workflows™ for Workspace ONE® powered by Boomi

Think about all the tiny little tasks that steal away your time each day. If you could somehow add up all the time you lost to approving expense reports, you might be shocked. It goes something l like this. You receive an alert email, login to the system, possibly forgot your password and have to reset it, find the alert, approve the report, log out, and go back to your day. You’ve just lost five minutes of your life for something that should have taken ten seconds.  Now imagine how many times you and others like you, have to do that in a week. That’s a lot of wasted time.

Experience Workflows streamlines these tasks significantly. They are delivered to employees via VMware Workspace ONE® Intelligent Hub using the notifications framework to ensure easy access to the apps employees already use daily. Looking to deliver a quality experience to your employees? They’ll love you for their newfound time-savings after your organization implements Experience Workflows.

3. Wow your end users with Digital Employee Experience Management

Digital Employee Experience Management (DEEM) is a Workspace ONE feature set that allows administrators to better understand their users’ experiences in their digital workspace. DEEM gathers information from devices and provides valuable information that can help admins better adapt to changing scenarios. Harnessing the power of this telemetry data can assist administrators in making decisions about configuration changes, application releases, etc.

Imagine the scenario where you are traveling for work and realize that your laptop battery is no longer holding a charge properly. Now you’re scrambling to find either a new device or a new battery when you should be focused on your trip. Now imagine that your IT department automatically detects that your battery is in poor health months before your trip. IT has an automation configured that detects poor battery health, creates a ServiceNow ticket to order a new one, and sends an automated Slack message to the user that their battery is enroute. Which of these experiences would you prefer? This is the power of DEEM.

4. Chart a course to Zero Trust

Zero Trust, by definition, is a model for security that doesn’t automatically trust entities even within the current perimeter of security. VMware’s model for Zero Trust is comprised of five pillars:  Device Trust, User Trust, Transport/Session Trust, Application Trust, and Data Trust. By utilizing the Workspace ONE suite, you can accomplish most or all of the User and Device Trust pillars. If you are just getting started with Zero Trust, this will be a good place to begin. Building into Transport/Session Trust can be achieved with the VMware Unified Access Gateway™ (UAG), VMware Horizon®, and VMware NSX-T™ Data Center. Application Trust can be achieved with Horizon and Workspace ONE. Data Trust can be achieved with Workspace ONE, Horizon, and NSX-T Data Center.

VMware’s Tech Zone features a fantastic Zero Trust Guide that can be found here.

5. Get certified

I’m a firm believer in setting at least one technical or business certification goal per year. VMware introduced its first VMware Certified Technical Associate (VCTA) certification for end-user computing in 2021. It’s a great place to start if you’re new to EUC technologies. A suite of specialty badges is also available, including Advanced Integration and Design, Workspace ONE for macOS, and Unified Endpoint Management. More digital workspace-focused badges are also set to be released in 2022. Explore all of VMware’s certification paths here.

Next steps

Still need help deciding how to drive value in your organization using VMware End-User Computing technologies? VMware Professional Services offers services to help you get started. Please contact your VMware sales representative for more information on service offerings related to each of your 2022 resolutions.


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