Anywhere Workspace

3-Step Approach to Anywhere Workspace Technology Adoption

Employees’ expectations of a flexible workplace are motivating organizations to provide productive and frictionless work from anywhere experiences. To create an excellent employee experience, business leaders must ask themselves the right questions to honestly evaluate their readiness. For example, do IT teams have the time and expertise to make the work from anywhere experience a reality? Does leadership know the necessary steps to achieve their desired outcomes? Enacting a work-from-anywhere solution is a huge undertaking for organizations going it alone. Luckily VMware Anywhere Workspace, achieved with the help of VMware Professional Services, helps organizations support their anywhere workforce with the experience their employees expect.

VMware Professional Services partners with customers like you using an Activate, Expand, and Transform approach to to help you realize value quickly.

1. Activate

Within the Activate phase, we help you quickly onboard your first persona group and devices to the new platform for fast value realization. We do this by using standardized architectures and teaching you how to operate the new environment. Ensuring your employees are prepared to take advantage of their new workspace is essential. That’s why we develop a communication and adoption plan to inform, guide and smoothly transition employees to the new environment. With your first group of employees using the new workspace in a matter of weeks, we move on to the next group.

2. Expand

In the Expand phase, we iteratively add applications, devices, capabilities and additional persona groups. The Expand phase repeats for each persona group until you’ve implemented all desired product features, developed organizational capabilities and onboarded all personas and devices. 

3. Transform

In the Transform phase, we help you optimize operations around your people and processes to ensure you are prepared to manage and operate the new environment at scale. We help you leverage analytics to continuously improve employee experiences, remediate issues faster with enhanced monitoring, and drive efficiencies by fully leveraging advanced product features. Security risks are minimized through the alignment of an operations framework that allows the IT and SecOps teams to work in tandem.

Operational optimizations can be incorporated within the Expand phase along with onboarding each persona group or at the end in the Transform phase. We can accommodate either approach based on your preference. 

Realize value quickly with guidance from Professional Services

Everyone wins when you modernize your workspace infrastructure and employees access the apps and data they need from anywhere. Employees will be more productive and happier through onboarding and beyond, and your IT team will benefit from higher operational efficiencies. Plus, you can be confident that your work-from-anywhere strategy is secure with a Zero Trust-compliant digital workspace.

Contact your VMware sales representative to learn how VMware Professional Services can help you achieve your Anywhere Workspace objectives.


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