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VMware Latest News Now at Your Fingertips With VM News Collector

Are you a VMware Administrator, or a tech enthusiast with an interest in knowing about the latest inside news on VMware products? We’ve brought to you our all-new exciting app – the VM News Collector – a real-time news aggregator for collecting and showcasing news about all the products within the VMware portfolio.

Not sure if your VMware version is up to date with all of the patches? Find the latest workarounds for the various product issues? Wondering what has changed in your VMware product lately? The newly built VMware News Collector will provide you with everything that you need – a central location where you can find the latest information on VMware products!

The VMware News Collector is an app from the VMware team with the goal of collecting and centralizing all the news related to VMware products. At any moment you can rest assured that this app will contain only verified news and keep you up to date on the happenings within the VMware product portfolio.

VMware News Collector gathers news from multiple sources and formats this content with a consistent display.  The app categorizes content for easy consumption of information for VMware administrators. With its ability to filter news by keywords, you can get only the news you want – when you want it!

Be a part of our special community, feel the power of being connected! Download the free app and join us to stay in tune with the world of VMware and all its products.

Habits form over time, like the thousands of us who check the news every morning over coffee. The VM News Collector app can help you update the technology-craving side of your habit. This is not a digital newspaper but it’s a solution designed to make sure that you don’t miss out on the latest about VMware products. Never miss out again!

This app is a revolution in the way it helps all VMware customers stay up to date.  It puts at your fingertips all that is important to know. Use the app to stay current on updates and upgrades, as well as patches and fixes. Enjoy the benefits of being an early adopter of this app now and find out for yourself!

It features a clean and slick interface that helps you to quickly get answers, tips, and the guidance you need to find the information you need on VMware’s technical support website. This simple app allows you to access all the company’s news in one place and fits effortlessly into your daily routine.

Learn more about the VM News Collector app now!


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