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8 Questions to Pinpoint the Best Digital Workspace Solution Partner

VMware EUC delivers digital workspace solutions for customers across a wide variety of industries and use cases. In my experience, when customers evaluate technology either as part of a new deployment or to augment an existing solution, decision-makers can benefit from asking vendors the right questions.

Customers that ask the following questions are often able to quickly pinpoint whether and which vendors deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the specific business needs of their employees and their environment. Each question also includes considerations that can guide your engagement with vendors.

As you work through these questions with potential vendors, I advise focusing on how the technology solution(s) can alleviate business issues or create new opportunities rather than only assessing features and functions. Be sure to share your current state environment along with short- and long-term objectives with vendors to help them prepare thorough responses to your questions.

1. Are you prepared to offer only the digital workspace capabilities that my business needs rather than those that fit into your one-size-fits-all solution bundle?

  • Ask for a list of all the “standard” items included in the base product offering.
  • Request details of all optional items that can be added and/or subtracted.
  • Inquire about the process to add features to the platform in the future.

According to market research, decision makers at companies of all sizes now prefer to customize and personalize digital workspace solutions for different employee roles or personas.

2. Can you describe the platform solutions that you offer — and their business outcome benefits — in terms that I, and the other members of my executive team, will understand?

  • The salesperson or sales support person should address your specific needs.
  • Ask the solution provider to explain any terms that you don’t understand.

If you truly understand how the digital workspace will directly benefit your business, then you will be able to make an informed decision. Qualified vendors should be able to describe their offerings (products and professional services) within the context of your specific business requirements.

3. Do you have comparable case studies to demonstrate how your company delivered a digital workspace solution that solved a business challenge like mine?

  • Documented customer success stories or one-on-one customer calls provide useful insights.
  • Reference checks should include details on the business impact.
  • Ideally, references should also align to your industry/sector.

A solution provider with limited experience may meet your application needs, but those that clearly articulate their methodology will provide a better fit. Prior industry knowledge and experience matters.

4. What is the depth and breadth of your digital workspace solution portfolio?

  • Broad offerings with migration paths enable a solution to adapt as you grow.
  • A solution with depth can address even your most complex use cases.
  • Seek providers that can support your regulatory and data security requirements.

Have a forward-looking view of employee needs. Avoid point products that create integration challenges later. Give preference to vendors with on-premises and cloud-based services.

5. What is the depth and breadth of your unified endpoint management solution?

  • Request a list of capabilities and associated benefits, relative to your needs.
  • Historical usage reporting is essential. Trend insight is even more valuable.
  • Ask about platform integration options with third-party application solutions.

Device management should include automation for employee onboarding, application configuration and performance, capacity reporting and planning, plus trend analysis with recommendations.

6. What type of guidance do you provide before, during and after deployment?

  • Request examples of use case advice, configuration and application help.
  • Ask for professional services consultation examples and lessons learned.
  • Ask about creating workforce personas for your primary use cases.
  • Inquire about the pilot project or proof-of-concept (POC) options.
  • Ask about process changes and documented procedures for post-implementation management.
  • Ask about post-install onboarding and communication strategies for engaging employees and driving adoption.
  • Ask how the solution will allow you to realize value quickly.

The planning, delivery and integration of a customized digital workspace and unified endpoint management solution can be a complex project. Assess training needs for IT staff, employees and tech support.

7. What type of return on investment (ROI) analysis can you provide our decision makers?

  • Request examples of the tools they use to compare and assess the before and after state.
  • Ask about their process to evaluate the achievement of business outcomes.
  • Inquire how they tailor business case discovery to address your specific situation.
  • Ask if post-deployment assessments are available to measure the value realized.

Performing a complete situation analysis will uncover your most important business needs and anticipated benefits of a chosen solution. Financial and operation goals validate an investment.

8. Once you have proposed a solution, what is the process to initiate a new project?

  • Request an estimate of when your project can start and how long it will take inclusive of professional services.
  • Ask about the customary terms and conditions applied to a project like yours.

Determine your deployment flexibility upfront. A qualified vendor will help you prioritize and plan your project, based upon their prior experience with solutions similar to yours.

Next steps

Asking the most important questions and receiving full disclosure about the product and professional services offered, will enable you and your team to select a best-fit solution provider for your requirements.

VMware has a proven history of helping businesses like yours to reap the full benefits of a digital workspace and unified endpoint management deployment — with clear, actionable insights and professional services to help you successfully achieve your outcomes.

Request your free initial consultation today and receive a detailed business case proposal to start you on your journey.


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