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Working from Home is the Future – Are You Ready?

In 2020, organizations had no choice but to put in place stop-gap measures to give their employees what they needed to work from home. Overnight, many employees who were once happily working in the office found themselves juggling a new work experience, mingled with kids who were attending school online. The world turned upside down in an instant. Many organizations were pleasantly surprised by the resiliency of their employees, finding that they adapted quickly and even excelled in their new remote work environment.

Over a year later, many of us are still working from home, while others have gone back to the office; however, it will never be like it was before. There are employees who never want to return to the office, preferring instead the Anywhere Workspace experience. They choose to avoid lengthy commutes and more importantly, want to leverage the focus and productivity that working remotely affords. The flexibility to choose between working from home or the office is more appealing now than ever before.  

To retain top talent and attract new prospects, employee experience should be a top priority. Achieving a productive, frictionless solution where employees can thrive requires careful planning. VMware’s Florian Becker and Chris Dewhirst have been successfully helping organizations achieve their Anywhere Workspace objectives for years. 

Watch their video discussion to understand what you need to consider for achieving a productive Anywhere Workspace solution. They address the following topics:

  • Build a flexible solution roadmap
  • Align stakeholders
  • Address people, process, and technology
  • Align security
  • Drive employee adoption

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