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Exciting Customer Success Announcements and Demos Await: VMworld 2021

In my conversations with industry colleagues, we agree that the events of 2020 accelerated digital usage by as much as 10 years. Digital transformation can be complex, and the stakes (and benefits) can be high for your business. To help our customers realize outcomes and value quickly as they evolve their business, VMware is constantly innovating to build better customer experiences.

Over the past year, the VMware Customer Success organization has focused on enhancing digital and in-person experiences, and I’m thrilled to share these new innovations with you. At VMworld 2021, I will host a breakout session titled “Empower Yourself with Simpler, Faster, Experiences Tailored to Your Needs.” I’ll discuss the latest VMware Customer Success innovations that provide differentiated in-person and digital experiences, access to experts, proactive AI-driven support and more. You’ll also hear from Mohanad Alderaan, Executive Manager, Head of Infrastructure Services at Al-Rajhi Bank. Mohanad will share the incredible impact VMware Success 360 has had on their business as they move fast toward their goals while sustaining efficient and smooth operations.

Here’s a glance at the offerings I’ll cover during the breakout session:

· VMware Customer Connect gives you the confidence to rely on a single digital platform to resolve problems, find critical and relevant information, streamline daily operational tasks and engage directly with VMware.

· VMware Success 360 provides continuous guidance along customers’ transformation journey. Recognized by TSIA as a finalist in the Customer Success Innovation category, VMware Success 360 provides Success Plans, Adoption Guidance and workshops, digital learning, and predictive and proactive support to help you reach your outcomes faster.

· VMware Skyline Advisor helps customers prevent issues, often avoiding opening Support Requests with VMware Tech Support and sidestepping unplanned IT downtime. With fewer issues, customers’ environments are more productive, more reliable and more secure.

During the VMworld session, we’ll demonstrate the latest VMware Connect Success enhancements. You’ll see how we’ve extended VMware Success 360 to provide more value and help you reach your business outcomes faster. I’ll also share some exciting enhancements to VMware Skyline Advisor that’ll help you work smarter with even more insights.

Register for VMworld 2021 today, and I’ll see you in the breakout session!


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