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Announcing VMware vRealize Automation SaltStack Config Professional Services

Every business strives to achieve a successful cloud strategy that enables them to scale faster and operate more efficiently. Configuration management is critical to cloud adoption and migration, but many IT organizations face datacenter complexity and misconfigurations. Configuration drifts may occur over time if configuration changes are not applied consistently across your environments, leading to deployment problems and inconsistencies in your environments.

Infrastructure as Code (IaC) solves these challenges by capturing all the components and configuration of your infrastructure, including virtual machines, containers, networks, load balancers and topology in a code format that describes the desired end state. IT teams can then interpret this code format to provision, configure, and manage the infrastructure in a repeatable, reliable and on-demand fashion. As your environments grow in scale, scope, and complexity (which is the new normal in the cloud era), you need an automated configuration management platform to drive IaC.

VMware vRealize® Automation SaltStack® Config is a powerful software configuration automation component available in vRealize Automation™. With SaltStack Config, you can easily define optimized, compliant software states and enforce them across your entire environment—virtualized, hybrid or public cloud—with powerful, intuitive configuration automation. SaltStack Config combines the power of Salt, a robust open-source automation engine, with best-in-class infrastructure automation from vRealize Automation to deliver a complete end-to-end solution for full-stack automation.

Professional Services for SaltStack Config

The SaltStack Config service is divided into four components so that you can tailor it to your specific needs. If you are new to SaltStack Config, you will benefit most by combining the deploy and activation, getting started, and design and configuration components. If you are planning to move from an older SaltStack version, be sure to include the migration readiness component.

Deployment and activation

This service will help you deploy and activate SaltStack Config in VMware vRealize Automation 8.3 for workload configuration management. Our experts will help you get your solution up and running quickly and properly following a standard, basic architecture, so you can begin gaining value from your investment as soon as possible. These workshops will allow your team to learn from the best: VMware’s Professional Services experts. The planning and learning done in this beginning step will set a solid foundation for a streamlined activation process.

Getting started

Next, we will help your team get started using SaltStack Config by mentoring your team as they implement their first three SaltStack Config states through our interactive workshops. You and your team will get hands-on training with use case planning.

Design and configuration

The SaltStack Config for Workload Configuration Management Service extends vRealize Automation with SaltStack Config for your organization. Our experts will first review your current SaltStack Config requirements, environment, site and availability requirements, and use case prerequisites. Next, they will configure your platform based on your enterprise’s unique needs and align with best practices from our team.

Migration readiness

If you are already running Salt open-source, our experts will review and assess the health of your current SaltStack system configuration. We will analyze the use of Salt States, Grains, Pillars, and other Salt components to identify any risks related to migrating to SaltStack Config.

Collaborate for Success

With the configuration automation capabilities that SaltStack Config brings to vRealize Automation, it delivers a complete end-to-end automation solution. And our professional services team is ready to guide and empower you to get the most out of SaltStack Config, enabling you to support your infrastructure as code efforts. 

To learn more, check out our SaltStack Config Professional Services Solution Overview, or to learn more about SaltStack Config, visit the website.  


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