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3 Key Operational Considerations to Support an Anywhere Workforce

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that supporting an anywhere workforce and empowering employees to do their best work across devices regardless of location is no longer an option but an essential part of doing business. While many organizations quickly put a solution in place to support remote employees in the short term, it is imperative to reassess how to best support and empower a distributed workforce of the future and truly become an anywhere organization.

Operationalizing for the Anywhere Workforce

According to the VMware-commissioned Forrester report “Hindsight Is 2020: What the Pandemic Taught Us About Supporting an Anywhere Workforce,” 80% of enterprises had to accelerate their remote workforce strategy in 2020, with 65% saying they had to piece together a workforce strategy by implementing digital solutions from different vendors. As a result, IT departments are now reassessing their slapdash digital infrastructure to optimize their workforce strategy.

As businesses are taking a second look at their digital workspace strategy, there are three core operational considerations to ensure success: employee experience, security and change management/adoption.

Employee Experience

Employees are at the heart of every business and building a digital employee experience journey is more critical than ever before. Investing in more personalized employee experiences across the organization results in highly engaged employees and reduces overhead; however, implementation is no small feat. Organizations must design an end-to-end plan that includes things like building use cases and user personas, assessing current technical environments, integrating new systems, deployment, IT process changes and more — all without disrupting users.

End-to-End Security

Security is all about striking the balance between improving security posture and delivering the best possible end-user experience for employees. With the explosion of distributed teams, the traditional security perimeter has dissolved as we know it. With that, the looming threat of security breaches is only increasing and growing in sophistication over time. A VMware study discovered that 91% of security professionals reported an increase in overall cyberattacks between June 2019 and June 2020.

Through the implementation of digital workspace solutions, organizations can deliver an integrated workspace that offers things like endpoint security, access management, threat response and more while balancing the employee experience. Partnering with digital workspace consultants can help teams design and operationalize a secure solution quickly.

Change Management and Adoption

Even when teams employ the right solutions to resolve anywhere workforce challenges, many don’t have the time or resources to handle everything that goes into a successful implementation.

From understanding requirements across business and technology stakeholders to knowledge skills gaps to ultimately planning, designing and implementing, there are a number of hurdles that many teams cannot overcome alone. Some examples include communicating the technology platform changes effectively to end-users, updating now outdated IT support and help desk protocols and procedures, educating IT administrators and support personnel and driving ongoing adoption cycles.

Technology adoption is a continuous journey of innovation and often requires a business partner who understands challenges, your industry and knows how to maximize the value from your investments.

Innovate, Design and Maximize Value with VMware Professional Services 

A digital workspace is not a one-size-fits-all solution, making it critical to partner with the right team with the right experience that can help you strategize, design and implement digital workspace solutions that aligns with your business needs today and in the future.

Through a proven methodology and countless engagements with companies of all sizes and industries, VMware Professional Services help customers around the globe support modern, distributed workforces and realize value faster with the least amount of risk. With tight alignment to product and engineering, VMware consultants are experts in strategizing, implementing and operationalizing VMware technology through best practices to meet the unique challenges of each organization. Whether you’re seeking relatively small, remotely delivered deployment and configuration assistance or full IT transformation in a large enterprise, our proven methodology and outcome-focused approach can help you get there. 

With knowledgeable industry experts at your side, the right tools and a track record of excellence, you can streamline your digital workspace solution and ultimately create a faster and more positive experience for your employees and customers.

For more information on how VMware Customer Experience and Success can help you succeed in achieving an optimal digital workspace, contact your VMware sales representative. Visit our website to learn more about VMware Professional Services related to Digital Workspace.

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