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A New and Improved Customer Experience at VMware Customer Connect™

The rebranded and upgraded VMware Customer Connect™ (formerly My VMware) is the all-in-one destination for your VMware service needs. Quickly access all of the following through this one platform, now more intuitive than ever thanks to the new artificial intelligence-driven features:

  • VMware Connect Knowledge™ (formerly VMware Knowledge Base)
  • VMware Connect Communities™
  • VMware Connect Learning™ (formerly VMware Learning Zone)
  • VMware Connect Support™
  • VMware Connect Success™

This exciting, automated customer experience is all about helping you get the most out of your VMware technology. Customer Connect AI even anticipates customer needs! Its virtual assistant seamlessly guides you to the help and content you need. 

The rebooted search feature is another tool that makes any visit to VMware Customer Connect a breeze. Unified Search finds helpful resources from product pages, the knowledge base, community forums, learning courses and use case-focused articles from the TechZone. 

Watch this demo for a quick rundown on the benefits of this new customer experience (and more!). 


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