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Customer Success VMware Success 360

How to Create a Differentiated Customer Success Offering

In a previous blog, I shared our Blueprint for Customer Success. One of the components of that blueprint is scalable lifecycle-focused success offerings that support both perpetual and subscription customers. In this blog, I will discuss the unique approach that we at VMware have taken to create offerings that utilize persona-based experiences, with harmonized digital and in-person engagements.

In September, we announced VMware Success 360™ – a differentiated success offering that continually guides customers throughout their technology journey to help them realize outcomes faster. The offering includes success planning for faster time to value and assistance with onboarding for a quick start on value realization. In addition, we’ve developed some unique features to address what customers want and value from customer success.

Customers have significantly higher satisfaction rates when experience value is tracked

VMware Success 360 includes personalized Success Planning to help achieve outcomes faster. We collaborate with our customers to define what success means to them and then monitor and measure success through value metrics to ensure continuous alignment. We hold regular business reviews with customers and help them track value. Our dynamic health scorecard tracks three dimensions of value – business, experience, and performance – and allows our customers to easily access and share this data with their stakeholders. Business value metrics track the economic value from VMware solutions including outcomes, cost savings, and adoption status. Experience value metrics help determine if the experience with VMware is positive and relevant, measuring KPIs such as NPS, CSAT, number of support requests received/escalated and time to close them. Performance value measures how well our solutions are performing and tracks data such as product problem reports, feature requests and periods of uninterrupted usage.

Deep product knowledge is the most important attribute

To address the needs of customers with both subscription and perpetual licenses, we created a unique packaging and catalog of Ongoing Adoption Guidance and Design Workshops to help with onboarding, adopting, consuming, and optimizing the use of VMware solutions. Hundreds of assets, tools, services, and access to SMEs have been organized into Success Pathways. These are incorporated into customers’ success plans to help them achieve outcomes faster.

Customers have a high dependency on technical support services

Our Dedicated and Proactive Support uses VMware Skyline to provide pre-emptive, predictive issue prevention. We’ve also organized expert engineers into solution teams for fast collaboration and prescriptive problem resolution along with live monitoring of Skyline data. They provide 24×7 global support, root cause and trend analyses that will help customers maximize productivity and uptime.

We are also investing in a new unified, personalized, and simplified way to engage with us. VMware Customer Connect™ will integrate all VMware digital engagements into a single, unified, personalized experience. With a single set of credentials, it will be possible to see VMware Success 360 assets and resources, product licensing, and education plans and certifications.  Customers can participate in social and community forums. They will be able to receive alerts and notifications, automatically track product usage, and track updates to support tickets. VMware Customer Connect is built with AI technologies woven throughout to update, guide, and provide automated assistance.

If you would like to learn more about our offerings, visit or reach out to me at LinkedIn.


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