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Our Bold New Vision for Customer Success

The world is moving rapidly to more cloud-delivered services.  To meet the demand, VMware products are changing.  We are enabling them to be cloud-delivered services.  These new products have more capabilities and can be delivered faster through the cloud.  This has created an opportunity like never before to deepen our relationships with our customers.  We are rising to the challenge with new Customer Success offerings and programs.

Recently I shared my thoughts on our reimagined customer success offerings with the Wall Street Journal Online.  Read more here.

“Customer success initiatives like VMware’s — which address its full portfolio of software products — are especially powerful given the shift to cloud solutions, according to Deepak Sharma, managing director, Deloitte Consulting LLP. “This refreshed offering enables VMware to more effectively drive meaningful business outcomes for its clients, like reducing tech debt, enabling new operating models for IT, and transforming the workforce.”

In September, we announced the first of our offerings –  VMware Success 360™ – a differentiated success offering that continually guides customers throughout their technology journey to help them realize outcomes faster.

VMware Success 360 includes:

  • Success Planning that provides personalized guidance to help customers achieve outcomes faster from their VMware technology investments
  • Ongoing Adoption Guidance to help customers with onboarding, adopting, consuming, and optimizing their use of VMware technology
  • Design Workshops to lead customers through a feature configuration or implement a new capability for them
  • Dedicated and Proactive Support with predictive issue prevention and fast, prescriptive problem resolution to maximize productivity and uptime

Learn more about our offerings on our web site or reach out to me about our blueprint for customer success at LinkedIn.


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